The Crossover Show – 025

Complacency - Don't Do It

crossover showMC and HM are back for another week of routine frivolity.


Have you gotten used to the routine of them having another show for you on Fridays?  Okay, to be fair, that’s not that big a deal. Consistency is cool.

Complacency is not.

In this episode, MC and HM talk about the myriad of ways complacency digs its way into our day-in-day-out work days and how reliance upon “routine” can get you hurt…or worse.

If you’ve listened to the show before (or this is your first time and you dig it), do the guys a favor and head over to iTunes and give them a 6-star review (it’s totally not a thing we made up). Let them know how they’re doing.  Their egos are fragile. Especially the taller one.  Like an eggshell.