The Crossover Show – 021

The Kilted Edition

Kilted to Kick CancerIt’s that time of year, friends!  HM and MC are Kilted once again!

What?!? You didn’t know they founded Kilted to Kick Cancer, a legit 501c3? True story!

Every September (Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, mind you), our intrepid heroes don kilts for 30 glorious days (unless they’re on duty).

You may have heard the origin story for Kilted, but in this week’s episode of #TheCrossoverShow, they go more in-depth about your risk factors, symptoms, and how to get tested.

On top of that, they talk about the fundraising challenge (the brain child of one Kelly Grayson from and tell you all the incredible prizes you can win if enter the challenge and form your very own team!

As October nears and every major sports team turns pink, remember September is ours!

#GetKilted #GetChecked