The Crossover Show – 020

Time Management

crossover showWith family life, work, exchange students, guitar lessons, soccer practice and Irish dance class, your heroes Motorcop and the Happy Medic couldn’t find time to record this week.  And you can imagine the chaos when we add in the children’s activities!

With a break between chores while MC was at work, since HM couldn’t find time in the evening to get to MC, he fired up the mic and recorded a solo show.

The topic?

Time management of course.  With our ever busier lives we as public safety professionals have to take the time to identify our priorities (Yes, you should only have 1 but we’ll discuss that in another show), set realistic expectations and budget our time like we budget our money.

HM and MC usually find time for 2 or 3 or, if there is enough beer, 4 shows but this last week was so crazy this is the best we can offer and we think you’ll enjoy it.

Oh, and did we mention the charity we founded and are running all month-long?  No?  More on that soon.

Enjoy Episode 20!  next episode we’re old enough to drink…again.