The Crossover Show 010

Happy Medic: The "First Responder" Hater

crossover show

MC and the Happy Medic bandy about the term “First Responder”.

Don’t misunderstand the subheading above. HM doesn’t hate first responders…he hates the term.

MC? Not so much.

The guys go ’round and ’round, give each other a merciless hard time and eventually agree to disagree while agreeing.

It’s like finding four-leaf clover in a wormhole.

Boy, we get angst-y at the end of batch recordings after many beers…we also earn our explicit tag.  You have been warned.

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One thought on “The Crossover Show 010

  1. Over here “First Responders” is not a term that is used. When reported it is usually reported as “Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade (or combinations of each) attended the scene” so I have to say I understand where HM is coming from. I don’t think it is about giving credit but more a case of stating who attended so as to help identify what sort of situation had developed.
    As always a great show but you should have closed with “Remember you heard it here first” and then we could all respond.

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