The Crossover Show 007

Regulators! Mount Up!

crossover showMC and HM are back with their super secret spy episode.  Get it? 007?

Whatever, dude.

MC throws an unannounced curveball at HM regarding police being “the most regulated industry in the country.”

In a recent column entitled “Police leaders: Don’t let fear of scrutiny affect cops’ use of force decisions”, a subheading on the Facebook post made the assertion that police were the most regulated industry in the country.

MC, sensing HM’s eventual eye-roll, posed the question to him…Is it true?

Spoiler Alert: HM disagrees.

But that’s not the interesting part. That comes when MC starts to throw scenarios at HM and HM’s answers shed some light on just how silly EMS regulations (particularly in the state of CA) are.


Go watch Caprica. Then Battlestar Galactica. Trust us.


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