The Crossover – FSTs and the News

Happy and I talk about some Police/EMS related news items including the man shot while holding a garden nozzle, FSTs, and an EMT that survived a head-on collision in an ambulance. We also answer a few more viewer questions…and introduce a new way to get your questions to us.

Wanna be on the show? You can ring us with your questions at 313-451-HMMC! It’s ready and waiting to record your quandaries 24/7!
Thanks for listening!

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One thought on “The Crossover – FSTs and the News

  1. Hmm, I only just got to listening to this crossover,(ran low on net)thanks for answering my question, however I am slightly confused by you *tongue in cheek* remark as it is not a term that I'm familiar with, But if it means what I think it means,You did get my question right 🙂
    Also I'd like to compliment you on pronouncing my name correctly, as I can only know of 2 other people who have pronounced it right the first time!
    Take Care,
    Shirrelle J

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