The Crossover – Episode 6 Return of the Medic

This episode finds the tables turned and I’m at the helm lobbing some inquiry volleys at Happy. For those of you in the LEO world that have been wondering just what Happy is truly all about, this is for you!
In other news, if you’ve got access to iTunes and want to subscribe to our Crossover podcast, use whilst in the podcast section of iTunes! We’re (and by ‘we’ I mean Happy…I’m techno-challenged) are working on some other podcast related tweeks, so stay tuned!
On with the show…

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One thought on “The Crossover – Episode 6 Return of the Medic

  1. Thanks MC and HM for another entertaining crossover. Always look forward to them. However, MC I have to take exception to you calling Happy a Media Whore. A whore operates on financial gain whereas I now know Happy's blogging and web based run offs are based on a background of Therapy and pleasure.
    Surely this would make him less a Whore and more a Nyphomaniac. Have you thought of using the term Media Nympho?
    Only a thought. 🙂

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