The Crossover – Episode 5 MC and/or HM Strikes Back

In this episode we talk about a bunch of stuff. If you listen to it, you will learn something. Not necessarily about either EMS or police work. Maybe you’ll learn that it’s best that MC not act. Maybe you’ll learn that HM has a man crush on MC. One never can tell.

And so, with out further blippity bloop (man, I phoned this intro in, huh?)…The Crossover!

As per usual, my thanks to Happy for his amusing and always entertaining opening/closing to the show! Well done, sir! On our next episode we’ll learn a little something about what makes Happy tick. Why is he so damn happy? What in the world is EMS 2.0? What is a Setla? Does a Geordie trump the aforementioned Setla?

Tune in next time, faithful listeners!

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2 thoughts on “The Crossover – Episode 5 MC and/or HM Strikes Back

  1. Good show! (I just love the music.) Ummm… I just realized Momma Fargo's not on your blog list. Have you checked her out?

  2. Hahaha the stuff at the beginning reminded me of something that happened to me a long, long time ago.

    Dashing out the door to work I realized that the car parked behind mine (on the street) had a) the driver's door open, 2. the radio BLARING and pi] the driver slumped in his seat.

    I went over cautiously — this was NOT a nice neighborhood — and screamed, "ARE YOU OK?" Nothing. "HELLO??" Nothing.

    Went back inside [this was 10+ yrs before cellphones] and called 911. No, dunno what's wrong with him, I yelled and got no response, no, I didn't touch him.

    Fire truck [1st responders where I lived] show up first. Fireman walks over, does exactly what I did, screams, "ARE YOU OK?" No response. "BUDDY, TURN DOWN YOUR RADIO." No response.

    He reaches in and shakes the guy. Still nothing. Shakes him again, pretty hard, and screams in his face. Finally the guy jolts awake, head wobbling like a Weeble. After a few more yells-in-the-face they get him to turn down his radio.

    At that point a cop car shows up. Suddenly Mister Passed Out BOLTS out of the car and runs into the woods nearby.

    At that point my housemate, a cop at a local university, gets home. I tell him what I know and get going, late to work.

    Found out later that, sure enough, the car was stolen. Bozobrain had been 17, no license, managed to get a crapload of booze, drove until he passed out. The reason the radio was still blaring? The thing ran out of gas but the battery was still going. Bloody miracle he didn't kill anyone.

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