The Crossover – A New Hope

Yeah…we’re shameless about ripping off Lucas. Call it an homage…

This episode finds us wrapping up HM‘s ride with me, the collision we responded to, and how I handled the situation that made HM both hopeful and a bit jealous. We also answer some questions from Twitter.
New and exciting things are coming for future Crossovers, my friends! So, stay tuned and we’ll update you via Facebook and Twitter!

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2 thoughts on “The Crossover – A New Hope

  1. Thanks guys for another excellent crossover.
    Your talk of funeral etiquette made me remember an incident which happened on the way to my mother’s funeral. As the procession made its way to the cemetery some idiot driver overtook the funeral cars and then cut the nose off the lead car as it came back into the same lane to turn at the next street. The funeral cars had to brake heavily to avoid hitting him. As I grew up in a time when you wouldn’t even consider overtaking a funeral cortege and where pedestrians would stand still until the cars had passed I was just astounded at how rude and disrespectful people could be. However, I didn’t even get to form the thought of “Where’s a cop when you need one” when an officer on his bike hit the lights and pulled him over. I suppose in the overall scheme of things and with the tragedy of what the family was going through it must seem like such a small event but I was very grateful to that officer and relieved that this insult to my mother didn’t go unanswered. I don’t know who the officer was but I wish I could have shaken his hand and thanked him.
    Over here police bikes are now being phased out which I think is a sad loss as it was always reassuring to see them on the road.
    Keep up the good work MC and thanks for what you do.

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