The Aussie Makes a Return Visit

Enjoy this memory whilst we make some more

Nick trying to fit in with the Po-lice.

Nick trying to fit in with the Po-lice.

In honor of the fact that my buddy, Nick, is returning for a visit from the Land Down Under, I thought I’d repost the shenanigans we got into during his last visit in 2014.

I figured since I’ve got quite a few new readers, they’d enjoy the hospitality that I and the Happy Medic showed Nick during his week staying with us. And for you long-time readers, you get to relive the entertainment of an Aussie in traffic court.

(Also, as you read this I’m probably suffering from Over-Imbibing Syndrome, so cut me some slack…)


I have to tell you one of the funniest stories I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.  It involves an Aussie, a green jumpsuit, a judge…and a lollipop.

I promise it isn’t a dirty joke.

A few weeks ago, the Happy Medic and I were lucky enough to play host to a gentleman from the other side of the freaking planet.  If you’ve ever watched The Crossover Show, you may be familiar with the antics of one Nick Williams.

He of the random headwear in an oddly honoring homage to yours truly.

Months ago, Nick threatened to make his way to our corner of the world and he made good.

Nick arrived as a possibly mental reader/viewer and left as a definitely mental friend.  He had the opportunity to ride with SFFD and spent a day with me on patrol.  (I opted for a car since Nick was too much of a wuss to ride bitch.)

Speaking of our ride-along, Nick also got to witness the American judicial system in action, aka Traffic Court.

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As a way of setting up the forthcoming shenanigans, I should mention that I like the judge we have. He has a good sense of humor and knows when it’s time to get down to business.  He is also fond of kids and always treats them well when they are in court…be they defendant’s kids or cop’s kids.

One of the ways he shows his appreciation is he keeps a small bowl of candy (usually in the form of lollipops) on his desk.

On the day in question, he walked in and saw an off-duty officer sitting with his son.  The judge tossed the cop a sucker and it made its way to the kid.

Cue the whining from all us cops that didn’t get suckers.

The judge said, “What, you guys want some candy?”

To which I replied, “I brought an Australian!”

The judge said something in reply, but to be honest, I was too amused with myself to hear what he said.

Eventually, my turn came to testify.

Then, this happened:

Judge: MC, would your friend like some candy?

MC: I am sure that he would, your honor!

The judge took his bowl and put it on the ledge of the bench.  No one moved.  No one made a sound.

Until I looked at Nick and, like a scolding father, said, “Well, go on, then!”

Nick turned an immediate deep crimson shade, which when combined with the green jumpsuit of his ambulance company from back home only added to my bliss, and shuffled up Peanuts-style to the bench.  He grabbed himself a lolly and made his way back to his seat.

It. Was. Precious.

The best part?

Photographic Evidence:





He was a great sport and I must have told the story back at the PD a dozen times.  I’ve been smiling ear-to-ear as I write this.

On a serious note, it took an experience like having a new friend come across the world to spend time together to remind me of the power of social media and what this blog has meant to me over the last six years.  Nick fell into a groove with Justin and I like we’d been mates for years.

I can’t tell you what that means to me.

I know an Australian that has a place to crash whenever he finds himself in the my neck of the woods.

Cheers, mate!


And as I re-read this, Nick is winging his way to SFO and will land within an hour. The beer has been brewed (and bought). The MClets, HM Juniors, and the Wives are eagerly anticipating our mate’s arrival.

Over a year later and still the power of how small social media makes the world has me in awe.

Stay tuned for the eventual shenanigans on what we’re calling the #ThreeBadgeBeerTour as Nick, Justin, and I travel around sampling local brews this Friday, July 3rd!