Texting and Driving

Watch this. Have your kids watch this. Twice.

Feel free to add talking on the phone and driving as well. You are not immortal. Neither are mom and dad. Feel free to harp on them for this as well.
Thanks to my friend, JP Molnar, for posting this on his fb page.

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7 thoughts on “Texting and Driving

  1. I teach driver's education at a local high school here in Virginia and we just showed this video to our students. We're also lucky enough for our SADD club to have raised enough money to bring a "texting while driving" simulator to our school. Basically it's a stationary vehicle with goggles they place on. The people running the simulator then will text the student and they have to answer the texts as the situations with driving become more difficult, though not unrealistic. If anyone has the opportunity to have a program like that come to their school or work, it's a fantastic program that we're really hoping hits home with our kids.

  2. It is so very sad with no second chances. So many damaged lives from the police officer to family and friends.
    I hope the message gets through.

  3. A few years ago I was hit (on the I-5 going 60 mph) by a female driver while she was texting her girlfriend about a "cute" guy. The impact violently rolled and totalled my minivan and darn near killed my three kids and myself. My infant daughter ended up being airlifted to Habourview Trauma center, while the rest of us went ground to the local hospital. My infant daughter spent a week in hospital. The firemen, medics, police, doctors…everyone was amazed that we went killed. The lady got off with only a fine, a hefty ticket, and demerits on her license, as it was not a crime yet then.
    There is not a day that doesn't go by that I don't kiss and hug my kids and feel incredibly blessed and lucky to be alive. I now talk to highschool and college students about texting and driving. It is amazing how often it's still done, even though it's now illegal. Astounding. Great post. Keep spreading the word:))

  4. I'm speechless. And very, very sad. I hope those heartbreaking stories reach out and get a stranglehold on someone who needs to hear them.

  5. Distracted driving is dangerous, no matter what the person is doing. Some cannot drive well even while talking.

    Laws that target texting bother me though, as many distracted driving laws are already inn place.

    Texting laws actually have the end result, the unintended consequence, of making the roads less safe. People still drive and text. They just hide it, and end up being even more distracted.


  6. Thanks MC! Awesome video – not the easiest to watch, but it certainly carries an important message… one that, I imagine, can't really be overstated. With one kid just about to get his license (from his permit), this sort of thing terrifies me — yet I struggle with "how" we can really teach them without being cast off as over exaggerating the point.

    For what it's worth, here is the original campaign launched by AT&T (including some additional materials):


    Their original video is below, providing better/higher resolutions for "use in news, public affairs or other informational programming" (or uses can submit permission requests through the link above).

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