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Yet another reason I love my job…teamwork. Since my wildly disappointing high school basketball career was the highlight of my teamwork in the sports field, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of a team that wins one from time to time in my chosen profession.

The team mentality is a special one and the home it has found in public service is unique. A fact to which both cops and firefighters can attest. Today was one of those days. We didn’t save the world and most of the citizens in Town (with a few dozen exceptions) will be none the wiser, but I was proud to be a part of the team today.

First thing out of the gate, dayshift units respond to the other end of Town for the report of subjects breaking into cars. Long story short, we (and by we, I mean a trainee…credit where it’s due and all) caught the two little pricks that were responsible. Here’s where the teamwork comes in…

All of the victims lived in the trainee’s beat. There were something along the lines of ten to twelve separate victims of both auto burgs and vandalisms (both felony and misdemeanor). The trainee caught the responsible parties. He was going to be in for a long day of writing paper, interviews, and transporting. The other beat officers and myself took paper on all the victims.

This is what I’m talking about when it comes to teamwork. There were no traffic related issues with this caper…but I still took three reports. This crime only occurred in one beat…but the other beat cops took between six and eight other reports between them. None of us bitched about it, we just did our job.

Sure, it sucked having to be cooped up in the PD to write all the reports we had, but it was a great job by the trainee and all involved. We got the job done today. Two shitbirds went to juvenile hall. A bunch of citizens feel vindicated about their police department. We were initially greeted with understandable anger (“Hey, your car got broken into.”) and then gratitude (“We caught the little bastards.”)

So, kudos, to my teammates at Town PD. I was proud of all of us today!

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3 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. They broke into all the cars on the same day? Ouch. Apparently no-one taught them to quit while they're ahead.

    Good work all the way around. Yay for teamwork!

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