The above pictures are just two examples of the bevy of brain melting equations those of us in Traffic are expected to know intimately….and I say “intimately” because there’s the feeling when you look at them of “I am so fucked”. (And I apologize for the blurry photos…best the iPhone can offer).

Although they appear daunting at best when one starts the course, it’s actually not as overwhelming once you have all the data in front of you. Once you compile all the information, it’s merely a matter of plugging all the numbers in. There’s a lot of math involved. There are a lot of steps involved. If you miscalculate early on, all of your results will be skewed. It can be very stressful, but so long as you check and recheck your work (and maybe have a partner do the same), you’ll usually end up on the right side of the answer.

So, that’s what I’m up to through Friday. This will put me at an even 400 hours of collision-specific training in the last three years. Part of me never wants to have to use any of this stuff because that translates into someone likely dying. These equations and investigations usually only come into play after a fatal collision. Morbidly, though, part of me wants the experience as well.

All this training could translate into a nice post-retirement gig…who knows. I’ve got a little over a decade to figure it out, right?

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9 thoughts on “TAR II

  1. Wow, there's more to being a motor cop than just looking good in boots and tight pants, eh?

  2. Say hello to Degger for me, I was there last week… and will be there again in June… Officer

  3. Oh lordy, please tell me good ol' patrol cops don't need to know this gobbleygook. I may seriously have to rethink my career change. Something less math intensive, like, say astrophysics.

  4. Zak…you're safe unless you join a Traffic Unit. Until such time, just make sure the Motors are stocked with coffee. You'll owe us that much someday. 🙂

  5. Ahh yes…30df…music to my ears! It's like our own motorcop language, cuz nobody else knows what the hell we're talking about!

  6. Rebecca: I'll vouch for him looking good in boots and tight pants. I'm not sure much else MATTERS. 😉

  7. I still have nightmares where I wake up screaming "THE SQUARE ROOT OF 30DF! THE SQUARE ROOT OF 30DF!"

    It worries the Mrs. sometimes…

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