Taking One for the Team

Yesterday, I sustained a minor, albeit painful, injury while restraining a combative subject.  Turns out, one uses one’s pinkie (the manliest of fingers, by the by) quite a little bit.  Since I know you’ll be curious, he went to the hospital and was subsequently booked for multiple felonies at the pokey (clever, right?)

Consequently, I’m going to take a few days off from the blog because this post took me far too long to type as it is.  Not to worry, though, I’ll be back at it before you know it and I’ll be active on Facebook and Twitter, especially as Kilted to Kick Cancer nears!  Luckily, the thumbs are fine, so the iPhone is going to be the platform of choice for communication.

Thanks for your understanding, friends!  I appreciate all the kind comments on the Facebook page and Twitter.  Y’all are the bee’s knees!


Photo credit: Flickr and pixel.eight

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4 thoughts on “Taking One for the Team

  1. As I typed my name for this comment, I realize I don’t use my pinkies to type, but can still type 55wpm. This has prompted me to consider leading an online class for those who don’t have or want to leave behind the 5th finger.

    Feel better soon!

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