Tactical Pants

I can totally see where you think I may be going with such a post title. Man, there are so many inappropriate, yet hilarious, comments to be made with that one. Alas, it is a real thing and there is a real need in Law Enforcement for them. Sound crazy? Well, okay, I think we can agree on that one.

A while back I did an interview with Jeannette over at her tactical pants blog. She emailed me recently and wanted to pass along their Ultimate Guide to Tactical Pants for my LEO readers…and, I suppose, those of you who feel you need to dress more, um, tactically?
I am stuck in my motor britches, so I don’t have much need for tactically driven pantaloons, but I’m sure there are those of you out there that may benefit from their product line. Check ’em out here.

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9 thoughts on “Tactical Pants

  1. Motorcop, thanks for getting the word out. That guide took over my life… I was dreaming of tactical pants for weeks!!

  2. MC your post got me to thinking (don’t say it’s a miracle) but how safe are Motor Britches and what protection do they provide? Are they made of modern materials giving maximum safety or is it time the Department gave its MCs a uniform upgrade?
    Please remember these questions come to you courtesy of a member of the IP (Ignorant Public)

  3. Jay,

    We were the usual wool britches. They're fairly comfy (aside from the heat in the summer) and offer a fair amount of protection.

    I'm not looking to roll around in something much heavier for a number of reasons.

  4. Wasn't that a book? "The Sisterhood of The Tactical Pants"?
    Wonder how many they sell where the waist size is larger then the length.
    Good to see our militia types have apparel choices.

  5. I'm not a LEO, nor do I play one on the Intertubes, but I like the "tactical pants", and not just because it's fun to say. Enough pockets, well designed for for things a regular guy might carry — wallet, keys, pocket knife, handgun; you know: the usual — what's not to like?

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