you know where to find it?

I got a phone call this morning from a fellow Motor who imparted a very amusing little tale. Please to enjoy our first guest lecturer…

Two motors responded to a private parking lot collision. Apparently, the driver least at fault was a righteous bitch that was making the at fault driver cry her eyes out. This was a very slow speed, minimal damage (if any, more on that in a sec) type collision. We typically don’t even take private property collisions since the CVC isn’t enforced on private property.

At any rate, the Motors were having a bit of trouble finding damage on the ‘victim’ vehicle. The irate, bitchy driver proceeds to kick her passenger side door. Supposedly to assist the Motors in locating the damage. Oh, you’ve damaged it more than it was? Oh, you’re a crazy bitch? Sweet.

Long story short, the poor at-fault driver is very upset and the Motors were trying to help her calm down. The irate driver said, “Why is she getting all the sympathy? Don’t you know what sympathy means?”

My brother Motor (and he’ll forgive me if I screw up the quote…and if so, please comment and I’ll fix the post) said something similar to, “Sympathy? Oh yes, it’s in Webster’s dictionary right between ‘Shit’ and ‘Syphilis’.”

Brilliant. I only wish I had the stones to say something like that. Sometimes saying things like that are totally worth whatever disciplinary action comes your way. My Dad always said, “Some people don’t know they’re stupid and we are simply providing a public service letting them know they are, in fact, stupid.”

Gospels of truth on so many fronts.

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3 thoughts on “ you know where to find it?

  1. You got the quote just right! I'm still waiting for the complaint to come in, and yes it will be worth the possible disciplinary action. I LOVE MY JOB!!! Rubber side down!

  2. I've heard that one before. It's great and usually good for a day on the beach. The last time I received some progressive discipline I asked the Chief if I could add it to my upcoming weekend. He said yes.Great job guys!!

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