Spirit and Truth: A New Book By Fellow LEO J.A. Davis

As most of you know, I wear many hats. Only one of them is police-related (it’s a helmet…and for reasons unknown, my hair is miraculously unaffected by it).

I’m also a husband, dad, writer/blogger, and business owner.

I follow a number of thought leaders, hustlers (in a good way, mind you), and entrepreneurs in a myriad of venues. Men like Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, John Lee Dumas and Jon Acuff have helped shape the changes you’ve seen here at MCPD as well as changes in my personal life.

One of those venues is an amazing group of folks that formed a community on Facebook thanks to Jon Acuff. We are all dedicated to hustling on something new. Be it a project, career, mission…it doesn’t matter. We are there to support one another and lend a hand when/where we can.

InspirationIt was in this group that I met J.A. Davis. He’s a fellow LEO with a heart to help others and I wanted to tell you about his newest book, Spirit and Truth.  It’s a 52-week devotional written for America’s Law Enforcement.

There are those of you in my readership that, like me, are Christians. There are those of you that are not. I think we can all agree that the Bible offers, at minimum, some deep and incredible wisdom from which we can all learn, regardless of our religious proclivities.

Davis is a Christian and it was from that perspective that he wrote this book. I was afforded an early copy and I must say I found Spirit and Truth encouraging, uplifting and reassuring. I find no small solace in my faith when I am faced with the kinds of decisions that I have to make as a cop. I am confident in my future should tragedy strike.

It’s books like Spirit and Truth that only add to the peace I feel in a world gone violently mad.

For more information on J.A. Davis and Spirit and Truth, you can click the image above or visit SpiritAndTruthBook.com.

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One thought on “Spirit and Truth: A New Book By Fellow LEO J.A. Davis

  1. Thanks for this, MC.
    Very kindly said. Thank you.
    — & I agree, there is no substitute for faith, & mine is almost identical to yours… am very glad to know you belong to the best King ever known anywhere. May you & yours always have such peace. Will see you on the other side of the river.

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