SouthLAnd, baby!

It is well documented that I love me some cop drama shows. I’m a Third Watch, NYPD Blue, Cop Rock aficionado. Okay, not so much that last one. SouthLAnd, smartly picked up and saved by TNT, is back for another season.
I won’t belabor the coolness of this show. Lots of you watch it, otherwise, TNT wouldn’t have picked it up. What you may not know, however, is the training behind the show. As a cop, I nitpick every. aspect. of. these. shows. Drives the Wife crazy, but she knew what she was getting into. SouthLAnd is not a perfect cop show. There is no such thing. Cop shows take the ten minutes of excitement us real cops feel in a week’s time and embellish because it’s bloody good TV.
That notwithstanding, the cast has to look like they moderately know how to handle themselves. The tactics have to pass a certain muster. Check out the following behind the scenes video and watch a couple minutes of the cast training on the range with live ammo.

As I cautioned above, I nitpick. One of the things that stood out was the reload. No one leaves their weapon hanging out in open space. Too much real estate to fumble the out of battery reload or tac reload. You drop a mag, you’re screwed. Get that gun up and in, dig that elbow into your belly button. Stay tight, get bullets in the gun, and get back in the fight.

See, fun right?
Check out SouthLAnd tonight (and every Tuesday) at 2200 hrs on TNT! For more cool behind the scenes and show info, check this out.

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7 thoughts on “SouthLAnd, baby!

  1. Never heard of it before [but then, I don't own a television], but I will definitely try this show out.

    I know what you mean about nitpicks. I've been nitpicking computer stuff on tv for ages. The funniest (to me) was back in the days when I did rock 'n' roll for fun, sitting around watching tv with other folks in the sound-and-lighting production crew. To date myself, we were watching … ready for it? Solid Gold. "Hey! That's not even a wireless mic! That's completely fake!" "OH my god who picked that color for the wash {broad area lighting)? If you're going to have spots in green and blue, you can't use THAT kind of color!" etc.

  2. I too love this show. Just last week I was commenting that as the FTO was knocking on the motel door before finding boyfriend tied up inside that he stood off to the side and held onto the door handle as to feel its opening movement.

    Most cop shows don't even care about the little things that Southland makes me proud of.

  3. I love that show. I've watched several different cop dramas of sorts and this one is by far my favorite. The acting is actually good, and it seems a bit more real or gritty I suppose. So, how does it stack up as far as accuracy goes (for a TV drama that is).

    Last episode they covered the windows in bullet proof vests to fetch a downed officer while taking fire from automatic weapons…something about that seemed…no so tactically sound lol.

  4. Another thumb up here, with a reservation. Nobody's perfect, and good people are found even in bad neighborhoods. Even if the cops are flawed humans, just like the rest of us, they really are trying to do an impossible job under impossible constraints.

    I must say, though, that the episode that played the night you put this up, "Discretion", did something that would have caused me to curse and abandon a lesser show.

    A rookie cop finds that a mere civilian, a shop owner who has just been robbed for a third time, is in possession of an illegal firearm (illegal in CA because unlicensed, federally illegal because serial number effaced). To my pleased amazement, the rookie lets the man keep the revolver, with the admonition that he puts in for a license to purchase a legal firearm that day, and turn in the unserialized weapon as soon as he has his legal one in ten days. (I do not know how easy it would actually be for such a man to legally arm himself; California is may-issue, and in many jurisdictions, it could be nearly impossible.)

    Bravo! says I, a fair compromise under the circumstances.

    But then, of course, he's called back later that day to arrest the man for shooting an innocent teenager who came in for a drink of water.

    Because, of course, the worst possible decision an officer can make is to think that ordinary unbadged citizens are capable of competently defending themselves.

    "To bad we didn't find that gun when we came by earlier," says his partner, the cop with a bad back and a pain pill habit slowly going out of control.

    Discretion, indeed. Cops, we are told, never bat 100%, yet we must trust them completely, because citizens, apparently, bat 0%.

    Maybe they'll revisit the case. Maybe the "kid coming in for a drink" will be found to be gangbanger. May the shop will be robbed again, but the wife and daughter murdered because they're now undefended. Maybe another citizen will defend himself, properly, with an illegal gun.

    Maybe not though. I won't let this pass a second time.

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