On 2/9/11, I posted a challenge of sorts. Imagine my surprise when someone took me up on it! I got an email on Sunday, 2/27/11 from a Mr. Rick Wirthlin. It was a simple, straight forward email. He said that he saw I was looking for a soul-crushing logo and he offered me the image you will see below. He closed by saying, “I hope you like it.”

Like it?
I want to make freaking T-shirts of it!
We exchanged a couple emails over the next couple of days. I wanted to get his website info squared away so I could link you all to him. He runs a web design shop and will take on straight graphics/illustration work as well. You can find him at Wirthlin Web Design.
I must admit to being bummed about just one thing…the image is too cool for Twitter. (By too cool, I mean too big.) You’ll just have to make it your desktop pic like I did on every computer I log onto at the PD.
One of the things I dig about Rick is he gave credit where credit is due. He asked one of his illustrators to draw the image below. His artist’s name? Bojan. Seriously.
Who else is picturing him as a Viking?
I’m here to tell you…Bojan has freaking chops! I absolutely love this drawing and I can’t thank Rick and Bojan enough.
If either of you gents ever find yourselves in the Bay Area, ring me. First round is on me!
Without further ado…ladies and gents, SoulCrusher!

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12 thoughts on “SoulCrusher

  1. Perfect representation! I think it's awesome, amazing and brilliant! Loving every aspect of the illustration. BRAVO!

  2. I don't want to rain on the parade, but why is he crushing the soul of the passenger?

  3. I think it need a little work. To me it looks like the cop is stealing the passenger's DSLR digital camera.


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