So You Think You Can Kilt?

Be honest, who’s picturing Cat Deeley?  Me, neither.  I’m lying.  I’m totally picturing her.

We are nigh on a month away from launching Kilted to Kick Cancer!  We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have partnered up with Magnum Boots and they have blessed us immensely.  We are in awe of the spirit of giving they are showing us at every turn.  Seriously.  These folks are amazing!

As you may know, we have been looking for a kilt sponsor for KTKC.  I am happy to announce that the Official Kilt of KTKC is AltKilt!  HM contacted AltKilt (on a Sunday, no less) and received a return email post haste from Jeanie.  Much like Magnum Boots, Jeanie was on board without hesitation.  To make it ever more fated, Jeanie mentioned that she and her team wear Magnum Boots. Kismet?  Methinks so.

Jeanie has a special place in her heart (and home) for the fight against cancer.  In her case, she has intimate knowledge with kids’ cancer.  Please take the time to read her story.  While we will be focusing primarily on prostate and testicular cancer, September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  For Jeanie to jump in to raise awareness for men-specific cancer during the same month speaks volumes about her dedication to eradicate cancer in any form.

What is pictured to the right is one of AltKilt’s custom Steampunk-inspired kilts.  The attention to detail and level of customization is nothing short of stupendous.  I can. not. wait. to get my hands on an AltKilt creation!

With that said, please to get yourselves to the AltKilt Facebook page, Twitter feed (@alt_kilt), Flickr page, and of course their website.  Like ’em.  Follow ’em.  Get yourself a kilt and get Kilted to Kick Cancer!

It has been a mere two weeks since HM and I announced our plans for KTKC.  The support you have all shown has been, in all sincerity, humbling and damn near overwhelming.  We are beyond excited to launch and we still have some more secrets in the works that we may or may not announce prior to September.

Continuing thanks to Magnum Boots and a special thanks to Jeanie and her awesome team at AltKilt.  If it weren’t for the lot of you, KTKC would be a mere shade to what it will become going forward.