Sines and Arc Tangents, and Delta-Vee’s…Oh My!!!!

Things are gonna be slow around the blog for the next couple weeks, folks. I’m taking an 80 hour Traffic Accident Reconstruction class (TAR 1 for short). Think of it this way….your average college course meets for 3 hours a week over a ten week period for a total amount of 30 total hours of instruction. I’m getting nearly 3 times that in two weeks. This will take my accident investigation training up to 240 hours of total training! Yikes, now the powers-that-be will probably expect me to know what the hell I’m talking about. The training is very math-heavy…lots of trig and some physics thrown in for kicks, so I’ll probably be too wiped to blog. Then again, you never can tell…

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3 thoughts on “Sines and Arc Tangents, and Delta-Vee’s…Oh My!!!!

  1. Good luck!

    Is that 40 hours per week in addition to the usual hours you work? or are you off the street and strictly in "class"? Sorry, I don't know the lingo…

  2. Math … YUK!! I can still hear you and your dad fighting over your math homework! He was right, however, and you DID get it!! You most certainly did get his genes in that regard! I'll take your English skills!!


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