Should I lateral?

Thanks for the link, MF! It’s an oldie, but a goodie…

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5 thoughts on “Should I lateral?

  1. I wouldn't (lateral)… the stormtroopers had crappy job security, what with a ragtag group of farmboys blowing up their station…. twice!

  2. MC I have a few law and order related questions I hoped you could answer. If they are not too intrusive of course.
    1. On average what would you say is the number of times a year a cop goes to the range and practices and qualifies with their sidearm? Understanding various agencies may have different requirements.
    Adjusting for gender ratio do male officers shoot better overall them females from your observation?
    2. If I have a firearm in my car and I'm in an accident and taken to hospital, can my wife pick up the weapon at the scene? Assuming it was being transported per law and there was no reason to think I should not possess it.
    3. Can you get a good read on cars moving away from you with LIDAR? And if so,how come I always see them pointed towards oncoming traffic?
    I have a bet on one of the answers…but no need to hurry to answer.
    Be Safe!

  3. Not only that, but I hear stormtroopers have to pay a lot into their retirement system, so I wouldn't bother…(ba dum, rimshot!)

    Haven't seen that video in 10 yrs but it still makes me laugh…thanks MC

  4. I really, truly needed the laugh today, thanks for posting. I'd totally forgotten about this!

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