Shocked Face?!? Really?!?

I wish I could tell you just how often it is that people simply don’t pay attention to Motors. Defensive driving? Oh, no…offensive driving (take that however you want) is the answer. If I’m not paying attention to everything around me, I’m going to end up roadkill.

Case in point…
On the way back from court the other day (one of my favorite times to stop someone, by the way), I’m getting on the freeway. I have a green turn arrow. This would lead one, and correctly as it happens, to believe that oncoming traffic has the red. One might also assume that the person with the red light would see all the traffic making a turn in front of them. Sure, they want to jump on the ‘ol highway just as badly as the rest of us. As the fates would have it, though, wait they must.
I was about halfway through my turn when a driver looked right at me and then turned in front of me. Okay, not the first time that has happened to me and certainly not the last. Of course, I pulled her over. She was apologetic as the day is long…until I came back with the cite.
MC: Okay, ma’am. I need you to sign the highlighted yellow portion, please.
PCL: (Peripherally Challenged Lady): You’re giving me a ticket?!?
MC: Ma’am, you nearly hit me.
PCL: I said I was sorry.
MC: And while I appreciate that, I’m still going to issue you a citation today.
PCL then went on to sign the cite. She glared at me for what felt like the entire time. As if it was my fault. I keep forgetting the hypnotic Jedi-like skills I possess. Obviously, I forgot that I entered her psyche from the other side of the intersection and planted a suggestion that she cut me off, causing me to brake very quickly, just so I could use the training and my super-speed agility quotient.
I’m always forgetting that power.
What really caught my attention was the look on her face. She totally blamed me for giving her a ticket. I felt like saying, “Lady! You nearly hit a police officer. How you even remotely think this could enter the vicinity of my responsibility is so far beyond me, it defies comprehension!” Instead, I thanked her and asked her to drive safely.
Mostly because I we were headed in the same direction and I didn’t want further issues.

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8 thoughts on “Shocked Face?!? Really?!?

  1. As a motorcycle rider, there are so many times I wish I could ticket people for being stupid when it comes to being on the road with us. Good job 🙂

  2. MC- quit abusing The Force!!! Oh my goodness, I so needed a good laugh this evening. Thank you, and as always, please stay safe.

  3. There are so many HUA drivers out now where I live that it's not funny… we got our first major snowstorm on Sunday and it's too cold for salt to work, so the roads are still horrible. You'd think that all of these people who live in Michigan would be well aware of how to drive in snow since, well, it falls out of the sky EVERY YEAR for at least 3 months. But no, selective driving memory and they all think they can go 70+ on the highway and be safe. Or 45+ on 8 Mile or one of the other Mile roads. And then you have the gawkers who cause a larger backup because they're too stupid to watch the road instead of the accident on the side of the road, and then he rear-ends someone… *sigh*

    This time of the year I feel so bad for all the cops & emts. Which reminds me, it's about time to head out to Bux and pick up more gifts cards to drop off on Christmas & New Years.

  4. I've had the same thing happen to me. The only difference is that I'm not a cop, and so cannot give the other driver a ticket or two that they richly deserve.

    What bothers me most is that lady's attitude. She saw you, she knew she was supposed to yield the right of way to you, but she refused to do so and felt completely justified in doing so.

    In my opinion she threatened you with her car, and she should be busted for assault on a police officer.

    Anyway, I'm glad you gave her a ticket.

  5. In the good old days when the first motor vehicles hit the roads someone with a red flag had to walk in front to warn the general populace. Sounds like this woman needs someone like that and although she would probably run over the top of him she would at least say sorry.
    Keep safe MC and keep booking those idiots.

  6. Well, if I had to hazard a guess, this lady (like many others) probably didn't really understand that she was supposed to yield to oncoming traffic – it happens all-the-time around here, and even car-to-car. People somehow think it's okay to "California stop" the turn if they can still squeak in front of the other oncoming vehicle (believe me, it's MUCH worse when you're a pedestrian). She probably just viewed MC as being "upset" that she got in front of him and THAT's why he was issuing the ticket — though, I'm sure our beloved MC probably edge-joo-ma-cated her, too (we can only hope she listens!).

    @Transport Jockey… unfortunately, there seem to be a MUCH higher percentage of bonehead motorcycle riders out there, too, making you guys look bad: lane splitting at speed, following too closely or sitting in our blind spots are all extremely common. When on a bike, these people need to be MUCH more in-tune with what's going on, and less about taking liberties just because they're on two wheels!

  7. This happened to me just this week. I wasn't even the first in line, two cars went ahead of me, I began my turn, and a woman with her cell phone attached to the side of her ear just…went. I stopped, she stared blankly at me and just continued on her merry way.

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