Shenanigans and Folderol

If you’ve been here before, you may notice something. All my content is missing!

If you’ve not been here before, you may be wondering why anyone cares. I’ve been asking myself that very question for nigh on three years, but that is besides the point. 

We here at MCPD regret to inform you that Defcon has been lowered to 3. Not as bad as 2, but a damn sight worse than 4. 5 is a pipe dream. Put it out of your mind.

Why all the brou and haha? Honestly, I’m not all that certain myself. Having said that, however, there are forces at work. It is unclear if these forces are nefarious or have the best of intentions. Either way, it seems to be much ado about nothing.

If the crystal ball the state of California issues every officer is functioning properly (and why wouldn’t it? It’s state property!), I foresee a return to the blogosphere in the near future. In the meantime, you can still find me on Facebook and the Twitter.

I will go into more detail at some future date. Rest assured about a few items…

1: The Wife is fine as are the Kidlets.
2: Your friendly neighborhood MC is in zero trouble…this is merely a tactical decision. (Us cops love to do tactical shit.)
3: I’ll still be riding on the motor writing all you knuckleheads tickets who seem to forget the vehicle code applies to you.

See you on the streets….and back here soon.

Until then…Stay Safe.



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10 thoughts on “Shenanigans and Folderol

  1. Does this have anything to do with the case going on in Baltimore(?) where officers and new candidates are required to turn over all their social media passwords?

    Just FYI, a good chunk of your blog is still up on google cache and 🙂

  2. I just had a big case of deja vu — your latest post and an e-mail discussion we had a while back. We're here covering your back if you need anything.

  3. Glad to hear…. Send the wife back to her blog, pronto! I miss her already.

  4. Noooo…

    Before it's too late, I would like to take the time to say the following.

    I don't reply much but I've read all of your entries ever since the MSN article that mention you.

    You were the extra factor that made me decide to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

  5. Dmon…

    I very much appreciate your comment. Hopefully, the powers that be are paying attention to those kinds of points of view as well.


  6. LOL. Love it! Have the same issues with me as well…Ugh. Sometimes being undercover all the time is the pits. Be safe.

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