Shenanigans and Folderol Part II

Almost three months ago, I posted Shenanigans and Folderol.  Good news, friends!  Defcon has been re-raised to level 4.  I am reinstating all my previous content.  Some of you may be wondering a) What previous content? or b) Weren’t you writing a book?

If you asked “a”, you may surprised to learn that I’ve actually been blogging for three years and have 360 or so posts under my belt.  I took down the previous content by request (and a legit one at that) due to someone else’s ridiculous behavior that had less than nothing to do with yours truly.  Fortunately, that storm has passed and I feel comfortable re-releasing my previous posts.

Think of me as the Disney of blogging.  You know how they’ll release Bambi for like three and a half weeks, then yank it and “improve” it and then eighteen years later you get another crack at it?  Like that.  Speaking of which, I had to jump on YouTube to get the Zip-a-Dee Do-Da song.  Who can name the movie in which it originates?  Hint: Totally blatant racism, but with cartoons…so it’s cute.

If you asked “b” you are more than likely a delightful Canadian that has spent back breaking hours editing this stuff that, according to her, should be taken behind a wood shed and “beat down” for jumping tenses.  Well, to that I say, that will be painful wasn’t it?  Not to worry, dear.  It’s still in the works.

I just recently finished Quitter by Jon Acuff.  In the book, he mentions a misconception about his book, Stuff Christians Like.  Many assume it is a carbon copy of the blog by the same name.  Nay, nay.  Acuff includes some highlights from the blog, but included over 70 new posts solely for the purpose of including in the book.  He said he finds it hard to believe people would pay for something they could get for free.  I tend to agree.  Yet again, I derive inspiration from Acuff.  I’m gonna side hug the unibrow off that kid should we ever meet.

Consequently, I’ve made the decision to reinstate my previous work.  I will write posts that are specifically for the book (assuming I can find someone daft enough to take a chance on me), some that are just for the blog, and some that will cross platforms.

As per usual, I am humbled and honored that you folks drop by from time to time to check on my adventures and interactions with your fellow motorists and citizens.

If you’re relatively new to MCPD, I’ve got a ton of old stuff now up and loaded and ready for perusal.  Please to enjoy!

By the way, the picture is there because of the name of the pub.  And I really, really want to visit there some day.  Credit goes to and cygnus921.

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14 thoughts on “Shenanigans and Folderol Part II

  1. Hey MC,

    Good to hear the politburo let you out of reeducation to restore your old posts to their former glory.

    The wife is still working on your polar bear, the dog has been sick with an insect bite the last couple of days, so we’ve been a bit delayed.

    Stay safe!

  2. I nearly spit tea all over my monitor when I read your shout-out. Hee hee! :DDDD

    Yes, your verb tense-jumping does make me want to take your manuscript behind a shed and beat it. On the plus side, though, I’ve gotten kind of used to your ellipses – they just make me sigh and shake my head now.

    I’m in the home stretch now – I will totally finish this week. Though if you are writing new posts for the book, as you imply above, perhaps you will need my services a while longer. 😉

    • If you think I’m gonna lose your contact info, you’re out of your mind. (See how I got the “your” and “you’re” correct? Nailed it!)

      • Yes, excellent use of “your” and “you’re”. I have taught you well, my young Padowan. Now if I can just get you to refer to people as “who”s instead of “that”s, we’ll be golden. 😉

          • Yes, I guess so. Also, I’ve just put you on my editing resume (in an anonymous kind of way) so I guess I should do something to earn that cred. 🙂

  3. thanks for putting up the archives, this will be a fun/great way to waste time more effectively before lunch

  4. Aren’t cops supposed to be stoic peacekeepers and rigid protectors who are notoriously unfunny? Apparently not so much. You’re like the short-lived ABC show “Cop Rock” only you’re entertaining AND packing heat! Side-hugging the unibrow off of Acuff – awesome stuff – I’m looking forward to more!!!

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