The Crossover Show – 013 – In Memory of Sgt. Scott Lunger

EOW 7/22/15


Thin Blue Warrior

MC and HM recorded a special edition of the Crossover Show this week in honor of Hayward PD Sgt. Scott Lunger.

Sgt. Lunger was shot and killed in the line of duty during an early morning traffic stop on July 22, 2015. At the time of the recording, very little information was available regarding the incident. MC and HM don’t talk specifically about the incident in which Sgt. Lunger was involved. Instead, HM takes the lead in asking MC about the dangers of traffic stops and if they should ever be considered “routine”.

MC and HM appreciate your listening to a difficult episode. The guys have left the usual frivolity, patches, and BOLO for another show.

This episode opens with radio traffic from Sgt. Lunger’s partner (and an incredibly professional and cool-headed dispatcher) and ends emotionally as well.

If you appreciate our show and this episode in particular, please share it.

RIP, Sgt. Lunger.

We have the watch.

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7 thoughts on “The Crossover Show – 013 – In Memory of Sgt. Scott Lunger

  1. I am so tired of hearing about officer deaths by disgusting individuals. It’s too too many. I have several PD’s on my newsfeed and there is at the very least one a day from around the country. I pray Sgt. Lunger’ family finds peace in the coming weeks and months. I certainly don’t have an answer to this frequent problem, but I just keep praying it gets better. I have the deepest respect for all first responders and LEOs. Thank You for all you do to keep the rest of us safe. I sign off with a heavy heart.

  2. Motorcop, I stumbled onto your blog a few days ago, read some of your older posts and listened to an episode or two of the Crossover Show. Found all of it funny and/or educational. And because of your blog I now understand how much this hits home for you and all other officers. I’m sorry it happened again. And thank you for all you do, on the road and on the blog. It IS appreciated (even from overseas).

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