Sell out or Symbiotic Relationship?

You may have noticed some ads on the blog. As you scroll down, you will see ads from google. The ridiculous part? The ones I’ve seen that ‘relate’ to my site are all along the lines of how to beat a traffic ticket. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Is that ironic karma at its best or mere happenstance?

Acting on a suggestion from a friend, I added the AdSense widget in order to make some money. Apparently, the more followers one has, the more likely either they or other anonymous types will click on one of the ads. Now, I know next to nothing about AdSense, but, whore that I (apparently) am, I figured what the hell…I’ll take something for nothing.

Therein lies my quandary. Am I selling out or, taking into account the type of ads, have I become the shark to the ad’s sucker fish (or whatever those fish are called…you know, the ones that hitch a ride on the Great White…what am I, an ichthyologist? Look it up, I’ll wait).

I’m fairly certain the amount of greenbacks, or more likely metal based currency, likely to come my way won’t exactly pave the way toward retirement; however, if it gets me a dark, frosty adult beverage every so often, who am I to complain.

The funniest part about the ads is that I have actually looked into those types of services in the past. I was always curious how they go about defending a violator. The sites I have looked at charge fees that are well in excess of what the violator would pay. Now, I’m no Bernie Madoff (ooohh, and he’s timely!), but I’m pretty sure that makes no financial sense at all.

Nonetheless, I shall continue to write tickets. You shall continue to violate the law. Regardless, fees will be paid. If you want to pay extra fees to some third party to lose in court anyway, knock yourself out. Matter of fact, I’ll give you a hand. Go ahead and click on my new ads…I could use the four cents.

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7 thoughts on “Sell out or Symbiotic Relationship?

  1. I am so impressed by the use of the word "ichthyologist" that the name of the fish is irrelevant.

  2. Big fancy "cop" words won't help your soul! I think it's adorable that all these folks are PAYING you to post ads here based on keywords.
    Just be glad you have relevant ads.

    I also enjoy when you list "writing tickets" AHEAD of my "breaking the law"

    Confident Much?

    PS – I average 1 cent a day from my ads. woohoo

  3. All this money, sign me up!!! So, just so I understand it, every 3-4 months I could afford something from the dollar menu at Wendy's??? 🙂

  4. just for the record…my dad is an icthyologist and I am a regular reader. Keep riding but let the nurses go scott free…you may need us some day! 🙂

  5. Have you done the math? I'm curious how many hits it will take and what the time frame might be to benefit you enough so you can buy yourself one or two of those frosty adult beverages you are so fond of. Hopefully you won't have to sip your Guinness through a straw! We're wearin' the green here in the 100 acre wood!

  6. Now see.. We have been wanting to do that adsense thing.. but scared to death with what kind of ads it would think related to our site!
    Go for it! Here, let me click! Let me support ur first cold frosty one!

  7. I'm seeing an ad for "NYSE Home-Based Business Secure Solid Future for Your Family"

    I think the Madoff mention in your post triggered that

    looks like Adsense needs some fine-tuning

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