Selective Enforcement – Part II

This is sure to raise a few eyebrows…

Let me state at the beginning of this post I think the legitimate purpose behind the CHP’s 11-99 Foundation is a wonderful and fantastic program. It is not the program itself I am going to take issue with, but some of the “perks” that are allegedly associated with donating.
Now, I don’t know who started the “perks”, if they do indeed exist, or if the solicitors for said donation gave the ‘ol wink-wink, nudge-nudge, in regard to any possible “perks”; however, the urban legend seems to go something like this…
If you’ve a CHP license plate frame, supposedly you will get a warning regardless of the violation. The other subtle hint is the 3 X 5 gold colored metal looking plaque inside of a registration wallet. The plaque has a CHP badge on it and if you didn’t look close enough, you may mistake it as an actual LEO badge.
Again, I don’t know how this started, if it’s rumour or fact, or if it’s a complete fallacy. However, today, I stopped a guy that seemed to take the rumour as fact. I was riding S/B on Main St. At the next intersection, the signal was red for S/B traffic. I’m not talking about just cycled from yellow to red and it was a tie-goes-to-the-runner scenario. It was a static red that had been that way for a significant amount of time. 11-99 guy was in the #1 lane. There was a vehicle stopped in the #2 lane for S/B traffic. There was a vehicle making a left turn (on a green light) from N/B Main St. to W/B 123 Dr. As in, it was making a left turn in front of S/B traffic. 11-99 guy just cruised on through the intersection like the light wasn’t even there. Luckily, the left turning vehicle was paying attention and stopped to avoid a collision.
I pulled 11-99 guy over and immediately noticed the 11-99 Foundation license plate frame. When I contacted him, he very obviously held open his registration wallet to show the little gold plaque. He didn’t go on and on about it, but he held the stupid badge up the whole time he was looking for his license. He didn’t say anything about expecting a break or a warning. There was no way he was going to get one since the violation was so ridiculously and inherently dangerous (Thank God the other driver didn’t have his head up his ass). When I returned with the cite, he looked less than pleased, but I will say he accepted it with little attitude and little commentary. He apologized for running the light and signed the citation.
This isn’t the only time something similar has happened with the 11-99 Foundation swag and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I just wish whomever started the rumour or expressed the possibility of such an exemption in exchange for a donation just simply hadn’t. It’s inappropriate and unethical.
So, that’s Part II…or The Drawing of the Three for those of you paying attention. Keep an eye out for Wastelands when the mood strikes.

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26 thoughts on “Selective Enforcement – Part II

  1. Just skip to Wizard and Glass and let's get your back story.

    word verification "todash"

  2. Not only is it "inappropriate and unethical" it's illegal. When you make a "donation" (as in you are parting with some of your hard earned cash to support a bonified 501(c)3 organization and/or cause) you get nothing in return except a warm fuzzy. "Giving" is exactly that with no expectation of any thing or service in return. A tip: If you are solicited by anyone for any cause, ask them about their 501(c)3 status. If they don't come up with a clear answer don't give a dime. You can't claim a donation to a non- profit entity on your taxes without knowledge of their tax exempt status. It won't hold up in an audit. Just FYI …

  3. "Rumor" not "rumour." The latter is the British spelling, not the American spelling. I don't think you drive on the left side of the road, so you probably shouldn't spell that way, either.

  4. Oh my goodness! He should be ashamed of himself hold that plaque out like he was… Unless he was giving it to you because his poor driving made him no longer eligible to have it!

    (any mistakes in my writing and spelling were left intentionally for Liguistics Stud to have something to do!) 🙂

  5. Stud…

    There are a few folks in the UK that read the blog. I was simply trying to keep them feeling more at home. I was aware of the spelling and did it on purpose.


    Mom…the 11-99 Foundation is indeed a 501(c)3 organization, per their website. I just find it curious how the "perks" have come to be expected.

  6. MotorCop you are right. Donation is just that and like cprzmom say you get nothing in return except a warm fuzzy. That’s as it should be.

    As for Linguistics Stud. “Rumour” is indeed the British spelling. However, you might want to take note that Canadians, you know people who live in that country north of your border where you think it is only frozen tundra, uses the British spelling as well.

    BTW, by Friday, the tundra expects temps feeling like 95 with humidity to match.

    Now Stud, please leave the man alone!!! Go play with the word verification "slyan". Is that a word?

    One of MotorCop's Canadian fans.

  7. At least the guy wasn't 100% HUA, even if he did have the happy meal bling in his wallet.

    & ass 4 u teh gramer nazi- knowbody cares!!

    Sorry MC, I had to do it!

  8. Okay, we've all had our fun with Stud. I actually enjoy his comments…encourages me to proofread a bit more. And I like a well written post. Besides, he did compliment me on the Click it or Jail post.

    Note that I didn't misspell anything on purpose…although, it was tempting.

  9. You've earned five points for knowing the difference between "compliment" and "complement." I'll put that in reserve and credit it against your next infraction.

  10. My mother, a to-the-bone Bostonian and fine arist, always spelled "water colour" with the "u." I saw it as sort of an homage to our Anglican heritage.

    I view MC's spelling as being a subtle sort of homage to the producers of his favorite beverage, Guinness Stout, brewed in Ireland.

    However: I was a bit surprised that LS missed the more obvious grammatical gaffe committed by MC. He lovingly penned, "I just wish whomever started the rumour or expressed the possibility…." "Whomever" is the objective form of the word, but that word is the subject of the clause, "…started the rumour [sic]." Since you can't correctly say, "Whom started the rumo(u)r," MC committed a slight gaffe. LS made a bigger one by taking issue with his quaint British spelling (not incorrect), while ignoring the egregious grammatical case error.

    If yer gonna be a stud, be a STUD. dude!

  11. I believe the 11-99 Foundation expressly tells its donors not to expect any perks from donating, for obvious reasons, however, the nature of the 'prizes' they give to donors certainly has an implied message, that cops will look the other way if they are stopped for a violation. I think if the 11-99 Foundation wants to reward its donors with some kind of token recognition of thanks, then they should endeavour to do it some other way. 🙂

  12. Joe…

    Thank you for calling it a slight gaffe and appropriately appreciating my love for the Heavenly brew that is Guinness.

    You know I love you, but if you continue to get all "Joe" on me, I swear I'll stop publishing your comments. Hee hee.


    If you are at all aware of what is good for you, do not engage Joe. His predilection for maniacal filibustering knows no bounds. Just don't poke that bear. For all of us. Please. I beg of you.

  13. I bet the 11-99 foundation hires contract call centers to do their begging. Its also probable that the individual "agents" get a percentage or bonus depending on how much they rake in. While its possible that they instruct their "beggars-for-hire" not to offer a get-out-of-ticket free card, some of them almost assuredly do.

  14. What a fun read the comments have been on this post! Kid, you truly do know how to stir it up. I can so see you sitting in that big 'ol chair with your laptop at the ready, a Guinness in one hand and a thesaurus in the other, your head thrown back as you guffaw out loud "I love this shit!". Carry on!!

  15. Hello Officer MotorCop… I'm a new lurker here, been through all of your archives. I've been trying to think of funny things to say if I ever get pulled over even though I almost always drive the speed limit. LOL.

    Anyways, I have a question for you. Over at Mr. Police Man's Blog he states the following:

    "In California at least:

    Its NOT illegal to drive barefoot.
    Its NOT illegal to change lanes in an intersection.
    Its NOT illegal to cut through a gas station at a corner to go around traffic. "

    Now it's been 21 years since I've taken driver's ed, but I could have sworn number 2 and number 3 WERE illegal. Would you mind confirming for me?

    New Lurker in Bakersfield

  16. I did not miss the pronoun gaffe, and it's not the first time MC has made it. I don't smack him for every violation. Think of it as selective enforcement. He regularly makes a punctuation mistake I will be citing him for soon. Meanwhile, I'm just quietly building my case. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  17. 1 is legal.

    2 is illegal:

    21752. No vehicle shall be driven to the left side of the roadway
    under the following conditions:
    (a) When approaching or upon the crest of a grade or a curve in
    the highway where the driver's view is obstructed within such
    distance as to create a hazard in the event another vehicle might
    approach from the opposite direction.
    (b) When the view is obstructed upon approaching within 100 feet
    of any bridge, viaduct, or tunnel.
    (c) When approaching within 100 feet of or when traversing any
    railroad grade crossing.
    (d) When approaching within 100 feet of or when traversing any
    This section shall not apply upon a one-way roadway.

    3? Depends. If the officer can argue that you were attempting to pass another vehicle by going into the station, you get this:

    21755. The driver of a motor vehicle may overtake and pass another
    vehicle upon the right only under conditions permitting such movement
    in safety. In no event shall such movement be made by driving off
    the paved or main-traveled portion of the roadway.

  18. i'm the idiot who has "politeness" ingrained into my interpersonal conversations, and consequently when I've received speeding citations I sign the darn thing and say "thank you"! and then afterward I sit there thinking to myself, "gawd, what's wrong with you? you just said thank you to a cop for handing you a citation…." la ti da!

  19. Lurker, since I think MC is camping, I can confirm for you, none of those things you listed are illegal in CA.

  20. MC, watch out for those lobstrocities…. even patrol boots won't survive their claws!


  21. Then there's the loser who takes an 11-99 license plate frame off of a wrecked vehicle and uses it on his own vehicle. That asshole is a complete loser.

  22. Thanks fellow MC. I appreciate you taking time to answer.

    Stay safe. Thanks for trying to keep me safe, too.


  23. NSDA,

    Lurker's #2 and your cited section don't coincide. Driving to the left does not relate to changing lanes. I am in agreement with my cohort, fellow MC.


    Sorry for the delay, fellow MC was correct, I was in a wonderful place called not here.


    Will you two just get a blessed room already?

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