After having been to one funeral yesterday and getting ready for another on Monday, this ad got to me.

I know this blog talks about safety quite a bit. Short of posting graphic pictures (which I won’t do, don’t worry), I don’t know of any better way to get the point across.

Thanks for sending this my way, Joe. You know who I pictured as my belt.

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10 thoughts on “Seatbelts

  1. Beautiful, but gets the point across. Why some people refuse to take seconds it takes to put on their seatbelt to save their lives (and their families….you know those whose small children are bouncing around all over the car unrestrained) is beyond me.

    We had an accident a few years ago where my husband turned left right in front of a minivan (we were in a sedan, view was obstructed and he didn't see the van. We took fault when local PD arrived). I was on the passenger side that took the hit. The car was totaled, and the van had serious front end damage.

    Myself, my husband, and young son all survived uninjured (except for minor bruising and sore neck), as well as all of the people in the minivan because we were ALL wearing seatbelts.

    Thanks for your sharing your blog MC!

  2. Sappy, but it works. Darn it, now I'm tearing up at work.

    It's physically painful to me when someone insists on having a gun 'for protection', but doesn't wear a seatbelt. Yeah, guess which one is actually going to save your life?

  3. CAPTCHA: laphoes

    Here are a few other things the driver could've done to avoid the crash:

    #1: Do not drop acid or use any other hallucinogens before or while driving. The zoned out grin on that guy's face along with the severely distorted perception of reality kinda gave that one away.

    #2: Turn your head in the direction of travel. Starting at 0:18, the guy turned his head to the side for 3-4 full seconds. Need I say more?

    #3: Use the 9-3 steering wheel hold instead of 10-2. It maintains a balanced hold on the steering wheel and allows much sharper maneuvers (e.g. emergency lane change) without having to reposition your hands on the wheel.

    All the jokes aside, I never understood the people who drive without seatbelts. Here's another video that gets the point across even better! Miraculously enough, I've heard that the driver actually survived.

  4. Love this commercial. It is beautiful! I love the concept of the wife and daughter holding back the father with their love. I took it and posted on my facebook to share with even more people. Thanks for posting this!

  5. I can attest that seatbelts save lives! When I was in my car wreck in November, the front end of my car was severely damaged. The insurance company totaled out my car. I always wear my seatbelt in my car and thankfully that day, my seatbelt kept me from going through the windshield. I was unhurt thanks to my seatbelt.

  6. You know what pisses me off (among other things): the jackass that insists "My uncle is alive today because he didn't wear his seatbelt. The state trooper said that if he was wearing it, he would have died."

    A) You are a liar. You don't actually have an uncle who said that. You read it on the Internet.

    B) EVEN IF your uncle was part of the tiny minority of collision victims that actually benefited from not being belted, statistics say that you are FAR more likely to escape a catastrophic collision if you wear a belt. Your "Uncle's" anecdote does not apply to you.

    C) We don't have "state troopers" in California, we have Highway Patrol, and this indicates that you got this from the Internet, and are too stupid to survive.

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind so much if people that had no children followed this philosophy, as long as the horrific injuries suffered in these collisions resulted in sterility. Before you go all Godwin on me and accuse me of eugenics, I would like to present the theory that no child should ever grow up with a parent that is disabled because they were too dumb to wear their damn seatbelt. Skipping the school ski trip because daddy was too ignorant to wear his belt, and is therefore unemployable, is just freakin' selfish with a heapin' helpin' of stupid.

  7. One more thing: if you have pets, secure them! A pet loose in the car is dangerous – to you and to the pet. I have two big dogs, and they travel in harnesses that hook securely to the seat belts. In an accident, I'm not going to end up with 80 or more pounds of dog flying up from the back of the car and into my head.

    If you don't want to put a harness and belt on your dog (safest for the dog), securely strap a crate in the back of your vehicle and let the dog travel in the crate.

  8. When I was in college, I had a course requirement in Public Speaking. At the end of the last class for the week, the teacher would randomly pick volunteers from the class to deliver a five minute speech on any subject that appealed to them- unless someone actually volunteered.

    Ever try speaking to group of 40 people for a full five minutes, without any notes or preparation? Not as easy as it sounds.

    I remember one particular class where we did, actually, have someone who volunteered. This young man walked to the front of the class and introduced us to his friend Bob. "Bob" was an egg, with one of those stupid smiley faces on it. The student told us in joking terms how long he'd known Bob, where they first met, yada, yada. It was actually quite funny at first.

    And then he turned all sad on us, tell us that unfortunately Bob had died recently. Apparently, Bob had gone out for a drive and had not fastened his seatbelt. "And this," he said, "was the result." He then dramatically threw the egg at the white board in the front of the room.

    What none of us were expecting was that prior to the class, this student had drilled a hole in the top of the egg, drained it of it's contents, and then refilled it milk and red food coloring. So instead of getting the yellow of an egg yolk, we got a huge smash of blood red on the white board.

    It made an impact alright. In more ways than one. That was about 20 years ago, and I still play this game the student speaker closed his speech with: from the time you start your engine up and the seatbelt chime starts sounding, to the time you silence it by clicking the seatbelt, see how short you can make that interval. You'll improve with practice.

  9. I was in a wreck just a few weeks ago – I made a left at a blind intersection the moment the light turned green, and I didn't see the Buick zooming down the street in a failed attempt to make his yellow. He was going about 50mph when he hit the side of my car, literally slicing off the entire engine block (are Buicks made of cast iron?!) and leaving it five yards down the street. Because of the airbags I had no idea what the extent of the damage was to my car, so I simply got out and walked to the curb to sit down… when the FD and PD arrived they saw my car first, me second, and were absolutely floored when my only injury was a 1/2" bruise on my neck from the seatbelt.

    The guy who hit me hadn't been wearing his seatbelt. His car only had one busted headlight and some scratches (seriously – diamond-plated iron?) but he had been thrown around on the inside of his car and ended up with a fairly serious neck injury from the way he bounced around.

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