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Holy shit….it’s actually Saturday! Nice. Today’s question comes from Rebecca over at Positive LEO:

You’re traveling through a school zone and the lights are flashing BUT there’s no school because it’s a holiday, like say….oh, I don’t know…Easter Monday. Do you have to keep the 15 mph speed?

Here’s the boring CVC answer. Section 22352(a)(2)(B) states, “When approaching or passing a school building or the grounds thereof, contiguous to a highway and posted with a standard “SCHOOL” warning sign, while children are going to or leaving the school either during school hours or during the noon recess period. The prima facie limit shall also apply when approaching or passing any school ground which are not separated from the highway by a fence, gate, or other physical barrier while the grounds are in use by children and the highway is posted with a standard “SCHOOL” warning sign. For purposes of this subparagraph, standard “SCHOOL” warning signs may be placed at any distance up to 500 feet away from school grounds.”

The quicker answer is no. The key to the school zone is that there are children present. If it’s a holiday, your clear to drive whatever the usual posted limit is. It isn’t a sexy answer, but there it is nonetheless.

I’m down to a couple more questions, kids, so get some more in if you’re even moderately enjoying the weekly education!

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  1. I think we do in Ontario. The posted speed limit is less — because it's a school zone — but it's still a posted limit. So we're obligated to do 40km/hr even on a holiday Monday.

    I like reading about the different rules for different jurisdictions. It would be interesting to read a study that looked at the different rules and made some conclusions about which are safer?!

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