Saturday Question

And we’re back….

Today’s Saturday (er, Sunday) question is provided by Justin:
Bicycles traveling in a street without a marked bike lane: Are they required to follow stop signs and stop lights or just barrel through intersections and yell at me?

Case in point: I am stopped at a 4 way stop and hoping to turn right after a full stop so I creep forward looking for bikes, pedestrians, dogs, the usual. Coming down the hill across from me is a bicycle who travels through the stop sign at high speed, cutting across the intersection turning left into my lane and narrowly missing my bumper as he cuts me off and I nearly miss hitting him. I honked, he gave me the finger. We caught up at a red light with heavy cross traffic and I informed him he had run the stop sign. He laughed and told me I could engage in amorous activity alone, he wasn’t required to stop.

Well? Who was in the right?

Justin in Bike Heavy San Francisco

Well, Justin, I politely refer you back to this post. Long story short, you were right and had you hit him, subsequently knocking him into next week, he would have been at fault. Not that I condone hitting him of course.
It was a quick question, but I got to it! We now return you to your hopefully enjoyable Sunday afternoon…