Round 1 Savory Sixteen: #BestCopTVShow

We’ve done whittled 64 shows down to 16!  Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty.  We have shed ourselves of the Cop Rocks and Street Hawks.

Here’s how to vote: Simply click on your choice below to cast your vote for the superior show between the two.  Then, go down to the comments and type in your choice.

Sounds like you’re voting twice, right?  Only sorta.

The poll will tally the winner and the comments will serve as your entry into the giveaway of the PoliceOne prize pack and the grand prize from Uniform Stories of a 16GB iPhone 5S!

Reminder! Make sure to comment below with your choice to be entered into the drawing! You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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50 thoughts on “Round 1 Savory Sixteen: #BestCopTVShow

  1. Dragnet….. Partial to CHiPs but Dragnet is more of a realistic show of its era

  2. Anything with Erik Estrada’s hair in it gets 5 pts knocked off, so that takes it from a tie to Dragnet winning.

  3. Dragnet. Traffic is fine, however, investigation is where it is at. I would rather investigate and solve a felony crime than solve a hit & run traffic collision.

  4. CHiPs…….Dragnet was a better show perhaps but I actually watched CHiPs, my dad watched Dragnet . Although in CHiPs Ponch and John did stuff that the CHP doesn’t generally handle…. But for sheer entertainment it was fun to watch

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