Round 1 of the Fritter Four: #BestCopTVShow

Our journey started weeks ago and now we find ourselves to the Fritter Four.

CHiPs has dominated the whole way, while COPS just eked by Adam-12 in the Eclair eight.

Two iconic show are vying for the opportunity to make it to the big dance.

Which will get your vote?


The poll will tally the winner and the comments will serve as your entry into the giveaway of the PoliceOne prize pack and the grand prize from Uniform Stories of a 16GB iPhone 5S!

Voting will close at 2200 hrs!

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44 thoughts on “Round 1 of the Fritter Four: #BestCopTVShow

  1. CHiPs revolved around motors…but it was just painful watching the story lines they wrote into the show. COPS it is.

  2. Have to go with CHiPs on this one…while I do enjoy the “entertainment” of the arrestees on Cops, CHiPs just takes me back!

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