Return to Glory

Ok, kids, I’m gearing up for a return to the mean streets at 0 dark thirty tomorrow. My hair has returned to a more LEO-appropriate length. The facial hair has gone by the wayside. The kids are not happy I won’t be home as much as the past two months. The Wife is gearing up to handle the homestead solo.

It’s appropriate that this is my 201st post. Kinda feels like starting a new chapter. I’m not thrilled about leaving the family, but we gotta pay those bills, right? Thanks for all the congratulatory comments and emails! It’s been fantastic thus far. I appreciate the patience concerning my wildly inactive posts of late. Fret not, though, my fine friends, I fully intend to both literally and literarily get back in the saddle!

See you all out there…

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9 thoughts on “Return to Glory

  1. Watch ur six out there! You've been outta the saddle for a while, and the local forecast (at least for Bay Area) has some PRIME bike riding weather in store over the next few days as well – pouring rains and all that crap!


  2. Ah, some good news. Glad to hear your going to be posting again.

    An unrelated story…my daughter was called for her first jury duty recently. Most likely she'll get a traffic case. So we were discussing what they look for in potential jurors and she said, "They wouldn't want me! I agree with (MC)….if you got stopped….you deserved it!"

    Be safe.

  3. the ad below this is for an addiction center. Addiction to blogging?

    Welcome back MC, I'll special call you later for an MVA and grab a coffee.


  4. While I'm glad you are returning to regularly scheduled programming on the blog, my heart will be with the Mrs. as I just recently did the readjustment-to-wacky-husband-schedule-with-new-kid-in-house bit. 😉 Sending happy (and sane) thoughts her way! Ok… and yours too.

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