Retirement and the CaptainDaddy Experience

In this episode, we introduce a special guest that had a major influence in MC’s life…CaptainDaddy! Happy picks his brain about getting out of the job “whole”. We also chat about retirement systems, budgets and whether drivers of emergency vehicles should be referred to as such.

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One thought on “Retirement and the CaptainDaddy Experience

  1. Interesting show.

    I'd like to bring up that point you had about the old timers helping the newbies see into the future about retirement. Although I agree, at least in my department, I see this as a negative too. At one point them old guys tiered themselves off. Although we are in the same organization they see things a tad different than us. But more pressing is that these guys are my bosses. If I question them roughly in a memborship meeting, I'm guaranteed to score a few points lower, not enough to bring alarm, at my next promotion test.

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