Repeat customers…

Having recently read a post by a brother Motor about stopping the same driver twice in one day, I am reminded of an entertaining stop of mine…

Businesses thrive on repeat customers. They’d go under without them. How many Bux (Starbucks for you uninitiated out there) addicts are there out there….cuz there’s a ton of us here at the PD. Well, unlike most businesses, I don’t really need the repeat customer, because there’s just so darn many new ones out there to meet and greet. However, on occasion, by mere happenstance, if you will, I get the opportunity to say “Hello” to an old friend.

Last summer I was sitting at a usual spot running Lidar (think Radar on steroids). I got a car speeding. I can’t remember the exact speed, but it was at least 58 in a 45 (13 over is about where I draw the line, depending on the conditions of the roadway, traffic, etc). At any rate, I hit the lites and conducted an enforcement stop. As I’m putting the stop out over the air, it occurs to me the license plate looks very familiar, but I can’t place it. It was a personalized plate. They tend to stand out. But, I stop between 1500 and 2000 cars a year, so you never know.

Whilst I am mulling over where I know the plate from, I walked up to the car and contacted the driver and gave her the usual “Do you know why I stopped you?” spiel. I don’t remember what she told me and it isn’t the important part of the story. The important part is she was having a hard time finding her registration in the glove box (and by the way, does anyone actually keep gloves in there? I’ve seen literally thousands of boxes for gloves and nary a glove to be found).

As I gandered into her glove box (dammit if that doesn’t sound dirty), I see a yellow copy of a citation. I told her, “Why don’t you just hand me that yellow paper right there.” She did. **Light goes off over my head and I swear I heard a ‘ding’ noise** It was a copy of a ticket. That I gave her. Two months prior. For the same violation. In the same car. On the same street. Absolutely fucking priceless. I said, “I’ll just use this. Be right back.”

Sometimes I just have to smirk and chuckle.

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One thought on “Repeat customers…

  1. I had one the other day…I had just stopped behind a PG&E truck (they're good cover…) I pull out the laser and as I'm about to start picking off the kiddies as they leave the high school this gal drives by yapping on her cell phone (without the hands free device). I start following her and she comes up to a stop sign. She appears to be going straight then breaks to the signal. I stop her and I give her the "do u know why I stopped you?" and she says, "no, but at least I wasn't speeding this time." It then clicks that I had stopped her the week before…same locale. I too used the yellow copy!

    Keep the rubber side down!

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