Politics: The Inescapable Frustration and Art of Ignorance

Surprise! The thing for which you thought you were voting wasn't actually the thing you thought it was!


This is often what I think of politics.

As we near yet another presidential election that will find me hiding innumerable people in the social media sphere so I don’t have to listen to their constant blathering about how this candidate will save us all or that candidate is a moron, I am reminded that politics never ceases to irritate me.

What’s worse are the people who vote with no idea about that for which they are voting. Now don’t get me wrong, I support the notion that we all have the right to vote, but I think perhaps we should be required to pass some kind of common sense test before they allow us to enter the voting booth.

Case in point: Prop. 47 here in CA.

This proposition was voted into law in November 2014. The combination of the ignorance of the populace of this state and the underhanded shell game of the purveyors of Prop. 47 have worked together to significantly undermine the safety of the state of CA.

You may be wondering (particularly those of you outside the state of CA) what the big deal is. I mean after all, a simple google search will tell you the title of Prop. 47 is “The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act of 2014”.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t vote for safer neighborhoods and schools?! Which is why it was called that in the first damn place, I suspect.

Prop. 47 does the following according to the Official Voter Information Guide :

  • Requires misdemeanor sentence instead of felony for certain drug possession offenses.
  • Requires misdemeanor sentence instead of felony for the following crimes when amount involved is $950 or less: petty theft, receiving stolen property, and forging/writing bad checks.
  • Allows felony sentence for these offenses if person has previous conviction for crimes such as rape, murder, or child molestation or is registered sex offender.
  • Requires resentencing for persons serving felony sentences for these offenses unless court finds unreasonable public safety risk.
  • Applies savings to mental health and drug treatment programs, K–12 schools, and crime victims.

“MC!” you say, “that doesn’t sound so bad!”

To which I would reply, “You voted for this piece of shit, didn’t you?”

Let’s break down exactly what Prop. 47 left out of its specifics.

  1. “Certain drug possession offenses” actually means that crack/cocaine, meth, and heroin are all misdemeanors now. Oh, and it gets better. When we, the mean ol’ police, catch someone with these formerly felony-related substances we don’t even take them to jail. That’s right. Here’s your ticket, sir! I’m waiting for some junkie to ask, “Don’t you have anything better to do?”
  2. Quick! Guess what druggies do! Yup…steal shit! It’s cool, though, because as long as the shit they’re stealing is worth less than $950, it’s still a misdemeanor.
  3. Apparently, drugs are only a bad thing when you have previous convictions for rape, murder, child molestation, or some other sex crime for which you become a registered offender. You know, since most of those violent-types aren’t into dope.
  4. Guess what “requires resentencing for persons serving felony sentences for these offenses” means. It means sentences are getting reduced and these criminals (technically, misdemeanors still fall into the “crime” status here on the Left Coast) are being released far earlier than they would have been otherwise.

Let me make something very clear to all of you.

Point #4 means these miscreants are now roaming your neighborhood looking to steal your shit so they can buy their dope. There are no official crime stats available for the past ten months (government entities moving as quickly as they do, you know). However, I can tell you that it’s been my experience and the experience of a number of police officers I know all over the state that crime is indeed on an uptick.

See, it turns out that when you make consequences to one’s actions significantly less painful/costly, one is much less dissuaded from doing whatever stupid thing it was once more painful to do.

Great job, California. I minimally have to stomach your indulgent petulance for only about three-and-a-half more years. I look forward to bidding your enabling bullshit a hasty adieu.

Shame, too, because aesthetically speaking-speaking, California is incredible. Too bad it’s chock full of people who don’t bother to read beyond the title of a proposition.

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12 thoughts on “Politics: The Inescapable Frustration and Art of Ignorance

  1. and you don’t have to be a cop to notice the uptick in crime you simply have to pay attention. We have had a huge increase in auto and residential burgs and I live in a town with a very low overall crime rate.

  2. Well, this type of thing is exactly why I moved from the state I was born and raised in, and worked in law enforcement as a dispatcher for right about 20 years, and went to Idaho. Sheeple was a good description about many who vote there. When y’all get tired enough of that left coast, c’mon up here. People actually call in for help (yes, I’m dispatching again), and not only are they happy to leave their name, their contact number, and their full address, but often times they choose to follow drunk drivers and the like until we can catch and arrest them. It’s a completely different populace. Good explanation of Prop 47…hopefully, they benefactors of that particular law will remain there in Cali.

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