Please Pray

Officers shot in Oakland.

Two fellow Motors killed during traffic stop. Hours later, additional officer killed during investigation/pursuit. Additional officer currently on life support. One suspect dead. One outstanding.

Please pray…

***Updated a few hours later***

Per reliable sources (and eventually the media), four officers dead. Suspect dead. Apparently, there was only one bad guy. Unknown motive…aside from the obvious fact suspect had a loaded weapon either in his vehicle or on his person.

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10 thoughts on “Please Pray

  1. I just heard…all 4 have passed away. It is a sad sad day in the Law Enforcement relm when 1 officer is killed in the line of duty, it is an all out tradegy when 4 are killed. My heart goes out to the friends and family of the fallen. Peace be with them. Thank you for protecting us and giving you life in the hopes that everyone else is safe.

  2. My friends husband was next to one of the officers that went down. How horrible. Please stay safe. I appreciate all you do for us!

  3. Thank you for your service, watch over us as we continue ours.

    Heroes live forever . . .

  4. My deepest condolences to the men and women of the blue line………. and to those that love them.

  5. MC, this is unspeakably horrific. There are no words, but you and your brothers and sisters are in our thoughts and prayers.

    – F4

  6. You ask for the motive: according to the CCT this morning there was a no-bail warrant for parole violation. That and the evil that infects the mind of people to bring deadly force to the fore as a solution to the problem. We will never know for sure what went if anything through the mind of the shooter or the pain and sorrow of the dead officers. We feel the sadness of the living, the loss of the force for good and the honor in their sacrifice. No matter the greatness of the idea of Mankind we are reminded that people can be horrible.

  7. I'm stunned and have been for 24 hours. If our PD lost 1 it would be an unimagineable tragedy, but to lose 4….I can't fathom. I still have Mtz Officer Paul Starczyk's procession as my screen saver. I wasn't thru grieving for him. I didn't know him but he as a local. Now one of these OPD was a local Concord resident. I'm so upset. My prayers and love to their families.

  8. God Bless all the police for their service to the people. I hope you guys trace down where that piece of human garbage got his guns and get some prosecutions.

  9. While, overall, I'm feeling anger and grief, I'm conflicted. Two scenarios are rumbling around in my brain….. I'm neither for nor against either one, just wanted to throw them out (mostly cause it helps to get them out of my brain by sharing them, but also just to give everyone some things to think about in light of this immense tragedy)…..

    First, the anger…….. news reports said that a crowd of people gathered near where the motorcops were shot and were taunting police and cheering the deaths of the cops (as some sort of payback for the BART shooting). GREAT!!! That the way you feel about the police? OK, you are not deserving of their protection. I think OPD should shut down police service to that neighborhood (and others who make it obvious that they don't like police either by committing crimes or by refusing to provide information to police to arrest criminals). If the movie and book "Gangs of New York" was a true account of the history, then police and fire service sprang from the gangs of that era. Let these communities go through the same violent birth pangs, as the gangs who run them provide the fire, police, and medical services for their people. Let's see how long the non-gang affiliated people continue to protect the gang members, or remain in the area. I know it will be brutal, but hey, you don't like the current system? Fine, do it yourself! We're fucking tired of dumping unending dollars, sweat, tears, and even blood into these communities that take no responsibility for their own people and their own actions. Let us know when your people become civilized and we will welcome you back into full society.

    OK, now grief……… what was not reported as well as it should have been, was that average citizens, right after the motorcops were gunned down, ran to their aid. They called 911 to report the shooting, … the officers never got a chance to radio that they were under fire. These average citizens attempted CPR on the officers, even tho Dunakin was already dead. They were able to keep Hege's body alive, but unfortunately, his brain was beyond anything they could do. On the news today, I saw that memorials for the officers have sprung up on all four corners of the intersection where the motor officers died, up and down the street, and in front of the building where the SWAT officers died. All placed there by grieving citizens who know the value of what police officers give to Oakland. These citizens come from the same community, same socio-economic status, same environment as the POS that put these events into motion. Those are the people that Dunakin, Hege, Sakai, Romans, and every other OPD officer are there to protect…… and THEY deserve to be protected….. Dunakin, Romans, Hege, and Sakai died for them and I will not diminish their sacrifice by wishing OPD to leave those citizens (and others like them) to the wolves that run with gangs. So, in writing this out, I find my answer and my paragraph of anger is voided.

    Thanks for letting me vent…………. RIP Dunakin, Hege, Romans, and Sakai

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