Pet Peeve

This is such a silly little thing and, believe me, I get the most likely reason behind it, but for the love of that is holy, WILL ONE OF YOU MORONS GO?!?!? Allow me to explain…

Ever been to a four way stop? I’ll assume you have. Let’s review the rule, shall we? If two people get there at the same time, the person on the right has the right-of-way and rotates appropriately. Otherwise, it’s first come, first serve.

What’s my bitch? When I’m 15′ from the limit line and you’re already at the limit line, you can go. You don’t have to sit and wait for me to approach, stop, look at you, see you look at me, wave me on, me wave you on (since you have the right-of-way anyway), shake your head emphatically, wave me on again, me yell “just fucking go”, you to yell “what?”, me to pull my gun, you to look shocked, me to shoot all your tires flat, you to be upset, and me to get fired.

Wouldn’t it just be simpler if you, having met your obligation to stop, just went on your merry way? I thought so too.

I don’t know what it is, but some people seem to have some kind of weird aversion to taking their right-of-way when there’s a cop at the same intersection. There have been times when I’ve literally just sat there until someone, anyone, went. It’s trivial, but it bugs the shit out of me.

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12 thoughts on “Pet Peeve

  1. That comes from "I want that crazy law in front of me and not behind me running my plate……"


    Kinda like the "cop stare", If I look straight ahead and not at him I WILL BE INVISIBLE TO THE HATING COP….

    Then there is the "friendly felony wave"……

  2. Y'know, I can sorta see folks offering the cop the opportunity to go first.

    Number one, it's better to have him in front of you than behind you.

    Number two, when he gets a call, you're not going to have a heart attack when the lights come on.

    Number three, he can do the police speed limit (= posted + 10) instead of getting stuck behind someone doing the posted limit for the first time in his/her life.

    Number four, he can't see the brake light is out.

    Of course, when I was on, I'd wave the other guy through, slide in behind him and reach for the radio mic. I wouldn't call anything in, of course… just hold the mic up to my mouth. I'd watch him check the speed, his turn signals, his seat belt, and anything else he could think of.

  3. Mr. 618 – You almost got it right… but now days, they don't do the freakin speed limit… they do 10 under!!!!! I agree with Motor Cop. GET OUT OF MY WAY!!! This is my pet peeve! We have a very restrictive policy on response to calls, and likely in most agencies, they would be going code 3. Not us… We are stuck behind the freaking dude going 10 plus UNDER the speed limit. YES, I AM RIDING YOUR BUMPER!!! NO I DON'T HAVE TIME TO STOP YOU!! SO JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!! – Officer

  4. 618, that's evil, LOL.

    I prevent this kind of problem by not making eye contact with anyone else at the 4-way if they are supposed to go first. I play like I am adjusting the radio, looking for something in my pocket, anything… but I do not engage the other driver, by looking preoccupied. They don't wait long, they just go.

  5. Three out of four days a week a county patrol car and I end up kitty corner on this four way stop. It's more or less in the middle of nowhere on this county highway. We never seem to have issues about who goes first. If the bumper of my jeep crosses the finish line first, then I get to go. If his cruiser's bumper crosses first he goes.I don't understand why others have problems with this.

  6. Texas Ghostrider got it in one: we don't want you behind to pull in behind us…LOL!

  7. As a woman , I find that guys insist I go first. No matter if I got there a little later. Some even get mad if I don't go. Then when I decide to finally go even though it was not my turn, it's at the EXACT second they decided to give up and they try to go too. Geeez! Do I get out and flip a coin next time??? I get it that they are trying to be courteous but don't order me to go, I don't even listen to my husband!

  8. In Beverly Hills, there are numerous five-way stops where five streets come together. These can be maddening because with so many octogenarians still tooling about 90210 Land, they're like a cat distracted by string when they come to one of the five-ways. They'll sit until every last car leaves the other intersections before they go. If you're behind one of the oldsters, you're dead.

    What happened to "ask a cop" today? Do you need more questions? I have one but have been waiting until there's been an ebb.

  9. Madam Dispatcher, I suspect you're out West. Here in New England, the cops still go 10 over most of the time. I have yet to see a state trooper — in any of the six New England states — doing less than 75 on the limited-access highways. No lights, no sirens, just bookin along at 20-25 over.

    And, yes, I was just as guilty. The one thing I NEVER did, though, was use the ligts and run the shoulder to avoid traffic — I've seen a bunch of cops doing that lately; they cruise to the next exit, hop off, and shut off the lights.

  10. In some spots of California, you take your life in your hands if you don't make sure the other knuckle head has and is stopped!

    But I'm with a few of ya…nobody wants to have a black & white (or other form of law) behind you. And for the most part, unless I have a reason, I really don't want to be behind you…B&W fever sets in pretty easy.

    And 618, would you rather they sit in traffic? If I am using the junk lane or shoulder, you can bet I need to get somewhere. Trust me, I'm not there for the fun of it. Flats, motorists cutting you off as they try to move ahead or sneaking over the gore point…take your pick.

  11. BTV, I was not referring to the cops heading for the wreck or whatever, I was thinking of the times — generally either off-duty [as indicated by jeans and a T] or around shift change — when someone goes by me, in the shoulder, lights on, rolls down the exit ramp, shuts everything off and motors away. It's particularly galling when the wife and kids are in the cruiser, which I have seen several times.

    Cops heading for a call have full run of the road, as far as I'm concerned, but using their position to avoid the jams we're stuck in? Not so much.

    I apologize if I wasn't clear on that.

  12. One thing I have noticed lately are many who change the rules of the road. And it seems they are trying to be polite, but it ends up being a war of wills. I often lose. I've also noticed many who do not seem to know our rules as they may not be able to read our signs or possibly don't have a driver's license (be it CA or any other US state). I try, in vain, to take a deep breath, count to ten, anything to ease my anger…it doesn't always work.

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