Pet Peeve

There are so many things to pitch a fit about in this job. There’s no denying it. This isn’t the first post I’ve done about the ludicrous things you, the driving public, do that drive me mad. It won’t be the last either. This particular iteration, however, comes after the last week or so of having it happen repeatedly.

Put yourself in a driver’s position. You are tooling along (see what I did there? Clever, yes? ‘Cause you’re a tool…geez, people. If I have to explain it, it just isn’t as funny) when you see flashing lights of the red and blue variety accompanying a godawful sound that reminds you of a wailing scream. What do you do?

Do you A) pull over to the right side of the roadway immediately or B) continue to drive along (albeit slowly) and attempt to make eye contact with the officer?

If you answered A, congrats. You can stop reading and go back to your cross stitch.

If you answered B, I have another question for you. Now that you’ve made eye contact do you A) see that the cop isn’t trying to get around you and immediately yield to the right side of the roadway or B) continue to drive along (even more slowly), raise your index finger and point at yourself?

If you answered A (after having answered B on the first question), congrats. Although you are quite a bit dumber than the folks who nailed it in the first question, you’ve redeemed yourself slightly.

If you answered B to the second question, this post is for you.

Let me explain something to you. When you see the bright, flashing lights, the loud siren, and eventually my bent voice coming over the PA, odds are I’m trying to get you to PULL OVER! I’m not just on a pleasure cruise. I’d very much like to meet you and discuss whatever ridiculous thing you did to get my attention.

Now, let’s pretend for a moment that (for some reason I can’t fathom) I’m not trying to stop you. What the hell do you think I’m trying to do?!? Get out of the bloody way!! This is why the vehicle code requires you to move to the right. Either I’m trying to stop you or I need to get somewhere with a quickness.

Either way, you looking at me in the rear view and pointing at yourself like an idiot is not the appropriate response! Folks, we don’t just drive from coffee shop to coffee shop with our lights and sirens going. We are not the collective boy that cried wolf.
So, please. Yield. No matter how you slice it, your best bet is getting over. If you refuse to, it may likely result in an even more expensive fine. And even more mortifying…I will make fun of you in front of thousands.

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13 thoughts on “Pet Peeve

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah- we know you just realized happy hour at Krispy Kreme is ending in 5 minutes and you want to get there before some CHP (Can't Handle Policework) punk grabs the last cruller . . .

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah- we know you just realized happy hour at Krispy Kreme is over in 5 minutes and you want to get there before some CHP (Can't Handle Policework) punk grabs the last cruller . . .

  3. I love the ones who pull to the left over an HOV lane and then expect me to get out in traffic. Or the ones that just stop in their lane and don't get over at all.

  4. Ok, I'd like to ask you a question relating to this that we were debating the other day.
    What if it is impossible/dangerous to pull over at that point on the road? Down here in FL. we have drainage ditches and such that are so close to the edge of the road that it would be very hard to pull over a normal sized car and avoid a wreck ( I'm talking car- not even an SUV). Can you slow down, wave to acknowledge the officer, but move ahead slowly to a safer place? Or how would you all LIKE us to handle it? My newly licensed son brought this up the other day, and I really didn't have the proper answer to give him- and I said I'd try to find out. Since you brought it up…. '-)

  5. My first reaction was 'you must be kidding, surely no one actually does that..?'

    I can understand someone not being certain whether you were trying to get past or trying to pull them over, but surely the easiest way to find out is to pull over and look to see whether the flashy lights whizz past or not…

  6. I do have to admit, there have been a few times where I didn't pull over to the side of the road and had them flip the siren on.

    Now that I've been labeled as a 'jack wagon', let me explain.

    A) I was not able to due to traffic
    B) I felt that it would endanger the life of the officer if I were to pull over and chose to get to a safer place for them (and for me if they chose to have me get out of the car).
    C) It was an unmarked vehicle and I was close enough to either the PD or other 'official' building that I decided to get there for safety.
    D) It was at night and I was being polite enough to pull up to a well lit area for the officers sake (I was close enough to one).

    With those being said, any time that I chose to wait before pulling over, I immediately would turn on the four ways, make some kind of acknowledgment (wave, signal, etc) so that they knew I wasn't running.

    I have always had a problem with authority, but I learned QUICKLY in life, even if I don't think I'm in the wrong, make sure and be courteous and polite to the nice ocifers so as to not invoke their wrath.

    Because of the way I have handled myself in some of those incidents, I've been let go with a warning.

    I may not like authority, but I do respect the men/women doing the job.

    Most of them anyhow, there are a few 'jack wagons' with 'god complexes'.

  7. And we will relish in the embarrassment, because as your blog readers we feed on the tears of the guilty.

  8. Any leeway for waiting to pull over if there's not much of a shoulder and it seems much safer to go a few hundred more feet into a parking lot or similar spot?

    Ordinarily I've done A the couple of times I've been popped for speeding, but there was one instance where I was on an unfamiliar road with a narrow shoulder, at night, where I figured the parking lot up ahead was probably going to be safer for everyone involved.

  9. Question for you MC, while I am not perfect at this by far, but I can typically tell if a cop is trying to pull me over or pass me and will automatically yield if the answer is passing.

    But if a cop is trying to pull me over and there is no shoulder, do you (and your fellow cops) prefer immediate yielding to the right even if there is traffic or pulling into the nearest cross street (with hopefully less traffic)? I never like annoying cops but I am typically not comfortable with stopping on a street with no shoulder.

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