The Crossover Show – 091

ACLU, Cameras, and the Inauguration

In this episode, MC and the HM jump headfirst into the ACLU Washington DC PD body camera issue and somehow end up talking about CCTV, the First Amendment and why this kerfuffle is much ado about nothing.

MC is giving a speech from a teleprompter and HM is reading a manifesto about technology called You Are Not a Gadget.

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The Crossover Show – 090

Starting off 2017 with Gratitude

In this episode, MC and HM talk about gratitude. How do MC and HM keep a positive attitude (at least most of the time…I mean, they’re still human. Cut the guys some slack, would ya?!)

Here’s a hint:

You can make some significant steps towards positivity at the beginning and at the end of your day. Be intentional and you’ll be amazed at how fast your perspective changes!


Rising Heroes

Resources Mentioned

Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins

Best Self Journal

The Crossover Show – 089

Indiana Dick Measuring

Happy New Year you filthy animals!

MC and HM have shaken off the winter blues and jump right into the hottest story from the three disciplines: Cannelton Fire Chief led away from house fire in cuffs after shoving Deputy.

What does HM have to say to the LEO on scene?

Why does MC feel how he does about the Fire Chief?

Listen in and find out!


They also discuss Douglass Rushkoff’s Present Shock (even though HM screwed up the title) and how too many folks focus on the now instead of the future.

The Crossover Show – 088

Adieu 2016!

In this episode, brief though it may be, MC takes the helm because apparently HM was too busy “working” or some such nonsense.

At any rate, the winner(s) [spoiler alert] of the Be the 50th Reviewer on iTunes Challenge is announced and Surprise! more than one fits the bill. Give it a listen to find out who the lucky fools folks are.

From both HM and MC, have a safe and festive New Year’s Eve/Day and we’ll catch you in 2017!

The Crossover Show – 087

My G-g-g-generation!

In this episode, MC and HM discuss generations. Their differences. Their advantages. Their responsibilities.

Think Millennials are to blame for the current state of affairs of the Three Disciplines? Think maybe your our cynicism is a contributing factor?

MC and HM discuss attitudes of all generations and how those attitudes impact one another, our service as a whole, and the communities we serve.

Stay tuned to the end for MC’s rant (he does love a good rant, doesn’t he?) and wait for the ubiquitous mic drop.

The Crossover Show – 086

The Christmas Show

In this episode, HM and MC regale you with both their formative years during the Christmas season growing up as the son of firemen and the current traditions they enjoy with their families.

Give a listen as the guys cozy up to an imaginary fire with their cups of hot cocoa beer and tell you a few tales.

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From all of us here at TCS, we hope you have a Merry Christmas!

The Crossover Show – 085 come the cries.

In this week’s episode, MC and HM talk about a Florida man (because, of course it’s Florida) having his picture sent out on the interwebs and the Florida agency taking some heat about it.

You can read the piece and, more importantly, see the photo here.


What do you think? Any issue posting this photo? Does the copy accompanying the photo matter?

Let the guys know in the comments!


RIP Ron Glass

Motorcop’s new YouTube Channel

The Crossover Show – 084

Chattanooga TN Bus Crash

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, HM and MC talk about the recent tragedy in Chattanooga, TN, in which six children lost their lives in a fatal bus crash.

Please to keep in mind that this happened many hundreds of miles from CA, but has that ever stopped the guys from waxing philosophic and/or offering their insights into what could be at play?

Of course not!

As with many current events, the guys imagine themselves at the scene and they talk about what steps they would take if they were on scene/incident command.

And what about seat belts on buses. Some states require them and some don’t. What about your state? Are your children safe on their bus?


Nope! Enjoy another round of #AskMC!

The Crossover Show – 083

Where'd all the time go?!

crossover logoIn this episode, MC and HM talk time. It’s a topic that we should all take to heart. We all have the same amount of time in a week, so why is it that some are more productive/successful/happy than others?

It’s about how they spend those hours.

If you find yourself saying, “I don’t have time for [insert thing here]” the guys want to challenge you to change your words. They suggest following Steve Kamb’s advice and start saying, “[Insert thing here] isn’t a priority.”

That’s the truth of it. We make time for things that are important to us. All too often, we have became reliant upon making excuses instead of making something a priority.

As a special treat on this Black Friday and since we’ve been talking about time, the guys are offering a FREE resource from one of MC’s virtual mentors, Michael Hyatt. Hyatt interviewed 30 successful entreprenuer’s, best-selling authors, and all around high achievers and asked them what they do to achieve that level of success.

The result is this FREE ebook. If you’re curious about how folks like Dave Ramsey, Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell, and Lewis Howes start of their year (which results in massive momentum), you need to read this book.


Best Self Journal

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod


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The Crossover Show – 082

Video Games and Law Enforcement Training?!

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, HM and MC talk, like overgrown children, about their favorite video game systems (and their requisite games) from back in the day.

Here’s the question though: Did all those hours spent staring glassy eyed at Mario and his kart (HM) or Mario and the inner-workings of plumbing, shrooms, and Bowser (MC) translate into being a better first responder?

What’s more, is there a place in modern public service for training that is video based/interactive?

Your co-hosts answer that question (and a few others) this week!


Beyond the Ice Limit by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

MC’s new YouTube channel: The MotorCop Mindset