The Crossover Show – 079

Do We Need Tactical EMS?

crossover logoIn this episode, MC and HM talk about HM’s recent trip to Nashville for Firehouse Expo and one of the presentations he attended. HM regales us all with what he learned about the need (or lack thereof) for tactical EMS in an active shooter scenario based upon the experiences of Florida responders during the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

What do you think? Is tactical EMS just a fad? Should resources continue to be allocated to that training “just in case” or would time be better spent elsewhere?


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The Crossover Show – 078

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, HM and MC talk about situational awareness for civilian employees.

Does your department employ civilians that are deployed in the field? What kind of training do they receive? Would they know what to do if they, say, saw a gun in a car whilst trying to rouse an apparently sleeping driver?


The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

The Crossover Show – 077

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, HM and MC brag about being in Vegas and HM’s love affair with travel trailers.

Yes, we know…it sounds off-topic. As a reminder, however, this is The Crossover Show and the guys are not bound to stay on topic.

Eventually (read: nine minutes in), they get around to the topic of the day: PD response (or lack thereof) when Fire requests assistance.

Spoiler Alert: Shitcan your pride and ask for help.


More Dark Tower Nerding Out

The Crossover Show – 076

This is how it all began...

crossover logoWhile Hollywood is busy making this prequel and that prequel we here at the Crossover Show thought it would be only right to give you the only prequel you need.

6 years ago this week Motorcop and Happy Medic sat down at their respective interwebs machine interface devices and tried something Motorcop called “The Audio Crossover Show.”

Have a listen to the first ever episode we ever recorded.  Not much swearing, yet, and we seem to stay on topic.

This is from the original series, not the Youtube or our recent reboot.  This is over 130 episodes ago and here we are still not entirely sure what each other do or how we feel about everything.

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The Crossover Show – 075

Dispatchers: Are they First Responders?

crossover logoIn this episode, HM and MC talk about the voices in our heads…Dispatch.

Should dispatchers be considered “First Responders”? Er….the Fourth Discipline? (HM dislikes the term First Responders.)

The guys weigh in with their perspectives. Join the conversation!

Included in this episode: we heckle one of our most ardent listeners…because we love him.  😉

BOLO – The Movie/TV Edition


The Magnificent Seven


The Crossover Show – 074

Take me home, Jeeves...

crossover logoWhat do a Paramedic and Traffic Cop think of self driving cars?

Find out if the boys think this will be the end of driving as we know it or a safer, easier way for MC to investigate collisions.  Turns out not so much on either subject.

Could self driving cars be a necessity as our elders lose their ability to react and others seem less and less able to drive without distraction?

What are the guys drinking for this show?

All this and more on yet another installment of the internet’s first best and only Fire Police and EMS podcast!

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Home by Harlan Coben

The Crossover Show – 073

Take a knee...or don' know, whatever.

crossover logoLadies and Gentlemen please stand, gentlemen remove your caps, Motorcop and Happy Medic are discussing kneeling for the National Anthem.

The boys jump right in, grab the third rail and discuss the NFL players’ reported motives for their protest, whether their argument has any merit and what one has to do with the other.

HM and MC could not be more opposed on one aspect of this whole thing but keep the discussion civil and keep the name calling to the usual medium level.

Where do you stand on this topic? (see what we did there?)

In addition, since 9/11 just hit 15 years the guys briefly discuss how their agencies and families observe the day and if we are mourning or celebrating the day…or both.


How I Built This – NPR podcast hosted by Guy Raz

Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J Stanley

Nothing – What HM is reading

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The Crossover Show – 072

Oh, Florida...You're at it again.

crossover logoIn this episode, MC and HM talk about a fun game* some medics in Florida played that violated federal law (or guideline, if you prefer), likely a bunch of policies, and most importantly, simply not being an asshole.


Law Enforcement Learning

Come see HM LIVE at Firehouse Expo!

*This is sarcasm. If you’re new, you may want to know that at the outset.

The Crossover Show – 071

It's Time for the Kilt! #KiltedToKickCancer

KTKC_Logo_Hi-Res 300x300In this week’s episode, MC and HM introduce (or re-introduce) you to their charity, Kilted to Kick Cancer.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month. Six years ago, HM and MC donned a kilt for the first time. Their comfort reached levels previously unknown. In a moment of typical selfishness, they hatched a plan to wear them far more often.

As it happens, the kilt is an incredible conversation starter (far greater than a pink T-shirt or growing a mustache).

If you click on the link above or the shield to the right, you’ll be taken to the KTKC website to learn more information.

Also, you can create your own fundraising team via the website. Raise money and win fantastic prizes!

Get Kilted! Get Checked!

The Crossover Show – 070

Mr. Reginald Johnson Goes to Jail

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, HM and MC discuss the case of Reginald Johnson…not his real name (fans of Super Troopers will appreciate that)…and Spokane PD.

Seems Mr. Johnson got himself into a bit of an alcoholic daze and the interaction with Spokane PD was recorded. Spokane PD made the video public and now all kinds of folks are bent out of shape about it…mostly Mr. Johnson and the ACLU.

Wherever you fall in the argument, do yourself a favor and watch the video.

Truly a timeless classic.

Is Mr. Johnson being shamed? MC kinda hopes that’s a by-pr0duct. Or did Spokane just want to show the citizens of Spokane what it is they deal with on a daily basis?  You be the judge!


The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe – You won’t regret your time!

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