Happy EMS Week?!

The Crossover Show - 108

In this episode, MC and HM discuss EMS Week by mocking the slogan and demanding there be more beer involved.

Find out why MC wants to head to DC for Law Enforcement week and why HM thinks he needs to hit up FDIC first.

HM also revisits a trip he took to Capitol Hill for EMS on the Hill Day to meet with law makers and how you can tell who cares by who they have meet you.


Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam

Ascension on Netflix

The Expanse by James S A Corey

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Kangaroo Court and Related Shenanigans

The Crossover Show - 107

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Court is in session! Kangaroo court, that is.
In this episode, MC and HM discuss a time-honored tradition wherein when you do something shenanigatastic and get called on it, your actions can land you in front of a court of your peers.
This court is not formal. Nor is it really even run fairly…but it’s a blast. Listen in as the guys discuss a re-launching of Kangaroo court at MC’s PD. Take note and consider implementing something similar in your neck of the woods!


MC is reading the Expanse series by James S.A. Corey. If you dig you some science fiction, it comes highly recommended!

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins is up next on the non-fiction reading list.

When a Bad Boss Turns Good

The Crossover Show - 106

 In this episode, MC and HM discuss bosses…again.
Only this time, it ain’t what you think! This time, it’s all about when the boss you thought was gonna be putrescentally (which is not a word, by the by) terrible turns out to suck significantly less.


  • Craft beer, Micro brew, and Congress

What the Hell is Wrong with You?

The Crossover Show - 105

MC is late to the show and for a great reason, he stopped at an emergency.

How did it go? What kind of emergency? Why was no one else helping?

The boys discuss when to let the mortals know you are specially trained to help and offer guidance for you to do the same.


Then, in true crossover fashion, they hang a sharp left hand turn and dive into the rabbit hole of the Dark Tower Move trailer.


Conference Do’s and Don’t’s…wait…Donuts?!

The Crossover Show - 104

What to expect when speaking at a conference? 

Glad you asked! 

This week HM fires up a solo show from Indianapolis on the eve of a presentation to give you the inside story of what it’s like to prepare to be a speaker. 

He also gives some pointers on how not to look the fool when attending.


Contentonomics gets another shout out

100th Episode Extravaganza

The Crossover Show - 100

I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t you guys publish episode 103 last week?
Yes. Yes, we did. We’ve been saving the audio only version of the 100th show for a week when schedules were too busy to get together and record. This was that week.
Lucky you!
In this episode, MC and HM discuss the history of The Crossover Show with a myriad of special guests!
MC’s College Girlfriend Mrs. HM
Aussie Nick (G’day, Nick!) and his Aussie Sheila, Kelli
Deep Sea Fisherman and former copper, Chachi
The guys had a blast recording this episode, then proceeded to have more beers and went to go see CHiPs. ‘Twas an epic day for all. If you want to go back and watch the video as well, check it out here.

Flight overbooked?! We got you covered!

Please stow your tray tables and return your seats to their full upright positions because Motorcop and the Happy Medic are about to give you the nitty gritty about the United Airlines “controversy.”

Fresh off the internets comes a terrible tale of corporate greed run amuck, when a mild mannered family doctor is forced from his seat, bloodied and unconscious just so some employees can get a free ride.

Memes spread like wildfire and outrage was in full force.

That is until the facts started coming out.

In this episode of the Internets best EMS, police Fire podcast your heroes separate fact from fiction and tell you why the passenger (now referred to as #manbaby) is the one you need to be upset at, not the Airline who owned the plane where he had his tantrum.

Also find out why your hosts believe that United owes Sean Spicer a Pepsi.


Friend and supporter of the show , Phil Frenkel, sent HM Contentonomics, which he hopes to start very soon.

Mike the Cop Chimes in on First Responder Themed Proposals

The Crossover Show - 102

In this episode, MC and HM welcome TWO special guests: Mrs. HM and Mike the Cop!

Back on Episode 97, the guys talked about bringing in one’s job to the proposal/wedding festivities. Today, Mrs. HM and Mike the Cop chime in and give you their opinion’s as well!

You’ll also learn about Mike’s penchant for whiskey-infused video game excursions and his presence on the dark web.

Fundraising: Digital vs. Old School – Which is better?

The Crossover Show 101

In the 101st episode of The Crossover Show…

Wait…what?! You missed the 100th episode?!

Well, if you weren’t live on FB on the 24th of March, then yes. Yes, you did.

On a positive note, the guys are back this week with a regularly scheduled (albeit moderately delayed) episode. Friend of the show (and great Patreon.com/TCS supporter), Caryn Laird has a bee in her bonnet about departments using fundraising options like GoFundMe as their only strategy when it comes to raising funds.

She asked to come on the show to discuss, so discuss they shall!


AFPNet.org – To help you find a local solution for your fundraising efforts.

celaird@hotmail.com – For all your fundraising needs, drop Caryn a line!

New Boss: Inept or Untried?

The Crossover Show - 099

In this episode, MC and HM discuss tips, tricks, and dare we say, strategies on dealing with a new boss.

The new boss could have been a rockstar elsewhere and been reassigned or simply put in the position with little to no experience at all. Bottom line is simple:

You’re new boss may not know what he/she is doing.

How are you going to handle that moving forward? Will you be the go-to person or will you be the squeaky wheel/whiner that points out faults at every turn instead of trying to make it better for all involved?


The 100th episode is a mere week away! Join us LIVE on 3/24 at 1200 hours Left Coast time on Facebook and participate into what is sure to be shenaniga-tastic.

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