Would you pay an extra $0.03 for more cops/firefighters??

The Crossover Show - 117

Time for the boys to check the newswire for news about the three disciplines.

And boy oh boy did it not disappoint!
Cook County laid off over 100 Sheriff Cadets because some restaurant owners lobbied against a soda tax and some firefighters got into a fist fight at the scene of a car fire.
What does Motorcop think about taxes that go towards public safety?
Why does HM support a beer tax?
Are we really the highest taxed in the world?
Spoiler: Someone we know is a certified tax preparer.
More importantly…why should we care that one of the firefighters duking it out in broad daylight is a “40 year veteran?”
And what do the boys think about “a 3 year veteran” doing anything at all except graveyard shift?”
Oh…and Dark Tower movie comes in again and the show goes long!


That’s Not Why We Have Cameras, Gary!

The Crossover Show - 116

In this episode, HM and MC talk about the Baltimore Cop and his alleged recording of planting dope.

Damn it Gary…

Officer Gary in Baltimore (not his real name…but probably is) didn’t listen to our last show about body cameras and filmed himself “allegedly” planting evidence at a scene.
The boys rake Gary over the coals as well as the other 2 officers watching this disaster in the making.
What would you do if one of your coworkers was about to pull a Gary? Is the camera the problem? Is it Gary? Is it the stellar alleys in Baltimore?



Red Rising by Pierce Brown

The Warded Man by Peter Brett

Sean Eddy and Scott Kier…Troll Masters

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Technology – Friend or Foe?

The Crossover Show - 115

In this episode, HM and MC talk about technology…specifically body/helmet cams. Yes, this topic has been talked about before, but this time it’s not about the pros and cons of simply having them, but what are the different uses for those hours and hours of video that never go anywhere?


Is there a benefit for the Three Disciplines to review footage of major incidents? HM references the Asiana crash at SFO. What about reviewing traffic stop for different techniques/strategies?

More importantly, HM hits a major milestone on UnTappd:

1000 Unique Beers for HM!


Wonder Woman

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What does “Professional Appearance” mean to you?

The Crossover Show - 114

In this episode, HM and MC continue their trail-blazing ways with new technology! Well…new technology for recording the show, at least.

In this week’s experiment, the guys tackle a controversial topic: body modification.

Nothing too crazy, mind you…they ain’t talkin’ about plates in the lip or Klingon style implants. Just your run of the mill tats, colored hair, and *gasp* T-shirts.

Listen to the guys wax philosophic about professional standards, visible body art, and MC’s favorite topic: Hair.


Middletown, Ohio…or Deathville, USA

The Crossover Show - 113

In this episode, MC and HM, our heroes, decide to dive headfirst into the Middletown, Ohio idea of no longer responding to overdose calls.

It goes very well and we actually see a glimmer of humanity in the soul crushing Motorcop.

Why stop at overdoses?

Why not stop responding to all the other repeat calls we get?


Red Rising by Pierce Brown

The Warded Man by Peter Brett

Are You a Good Hair or Bad Hair Boss?

The Crossover Show - 112

In this episode, HM and MC discuss different leadership styles. From the Good Beat Partner to the Condescending Prick, leadership styles are as varied as the people that fill those roles.

What makes a supervisor good (besides the hair)? How can those of us being supervised offer constructive criticism/encouragement to a newer boss versus taking whatever is thrown at us from a supervisor that is “feeling his new stripes”?

Recently, EMScapades published a very telling cartoon (see below) that struck a chord with the guys and they spend this episode discussing it.

Here’s the cartoon from the fine folks over at EMScapades:

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Paramedic Perv!

The Crossover Show - 111

In this episode, HM and MC discuss pervy paramedics. Well, technically, just one medic. 

Here’s the link to the article to which the guys refer in this episode.

Not interested in listening to the guys wax philosophic about the appropriate time/place to get you a handful of patient breast? Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version:


This Cliff’s Notes version of the show is brought to you by the fine people over at Patreon.com/TCS where you can go to support this very show!


Wool by Hugh Howey

Orphan Black (Amazon Prime)

The Leftovers (HBO)

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Do You Poop Where You Eat?

The Crossover Show - 110

In this aptly titled episode, HM and MC  have a simple question for you: What would you do as a Paramedic, Cop or Fireman if your municipality offered you money to buy a home in your district?  What would HM do?  What would MC do?

Would you like to live where you work?  Work where you live?  MC brings up a difficult situation HM never considered as a fireman and both of your hosts get nostalgic about their Firefighter dads and having them both first due at home.

HM’s district offered just such a program and he doesn’t live anywhere near it.  Find out why.

BOLO is pushed aside this week for a long overdue edition of “Ask MC” where HM finds 3 stories from the disciplines and does his best to earn MC 1/8 of 1 Doubloon.

He actually doesn’t do as horribly as usual if you can believe it.

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Sniff this…is that cocaine or anthrax?!

The Crossover Show - 109

In this episode, MC and HM talk about an old saying in the Fire Service: Cops suck at HazMat calls.

HM shares a story from el airopuerto about a cop who broke out in a sweat after incorrectly identifying the unknown substance found near a gate.

We discuss the importance of cops letting firemen be firemen and how jumping to conclusions could get someone hurt.

The boys also discuss the Willamette Writers Conference and how they’re presenting August 5th about how to to podcast for fun and profit.


Happy EMS Week?!

The Crossover Show - 108

In this episode, MC and HM discuss EMS Week by mocking the slogan and demanding there be more beer involved.

Find out why MC wants to head to DC for Law Enforcement week and why HM thinks he needs to hit up FDIC first.

HM also revisits a trip he took to Capitol Hill for EMS on the Hill Day to meet with law makers and how you can tell who cares by who they have meet you.


Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam

Ascension on Netflix

The Expanse by James S A Corey

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