Oversight Corrected

It seems I am guilty of a senseless oversight…on a couple fronts.

I was contacted months ago by a gentleman who writes an EMS blog called medicmadness.com. He had some nice things to say and I completely ignored his email. I could offer some admittedly lame excuses about how my inbox is flooded with adorations the world over, but I think we all know what a load that’d be.
The truth of the matter is I glossed right over it and then forgot about it…much to my chagrin. I returned the very kind email and was happily forgiven for my weak response time. At any rate, I’ve taken the time to peruse medicmadness and I enjoyed what I read. To that end, you’ll see it added to my “Send in Fire” blogroll.
In addition to that, it seems I need to address a glaring oversight. For some reason, I completely vapor locked and never added the blog of one of the three fathers of the Chronicles of EMS phenom, Mark Glencorse. I know I’ve mentioned Mark and his blog in the past, but I wanted to make sure you can find it easily from here as well. You will now find 999medic.com on the “Send in Fire” blogroll as well.
Well…that should earn me a bit of respite. Please to enjoy their respective musings!

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2 thoughts on “Oversight Corrected

  1. Yay! More blogs to read.

    I swear, I'm addicted to cop/fire/dispatch blogs. I can understand that dispatch… I've done dispatch for special events before. But… you guys are just so interesting! 😀

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