Optional Pre-Academy Training (Ninja LEO)

Some of you may or may not be aware, but POST (Police Officers Standards and Training) in California offers an optional two week course prior to the Academy.  The course is designed to give future officers the skills to stealthily approach any subject in any give topography…silently.

Heretofore, this optional training hasn’t been terribly well publicized, but I’ve heard some muttering on Twitter (#Ninja) that other states are looking at implementing similar training.

Can you imagine the advantages to being unseen and having the ability to subdue a suspect at little or no risk to yourself?  Not to mention learning how to fashion those badass smoke bombs?

That tactical advantage nearly defies logic.

The key isn’t the contact officer.  That is, the officer that is busy obviously interacting with a possible suspect.  The key is the cover/Ninja officer that sidles up all quiet-like and BAM handcuffs the suspect after a pre-ordained hand signal from the contact officer.

You’d think that it’d be difficult to subtly approach a wary suspect in big ol’ clodhopper police boots, but that’s the beauty of the Ninja course.  It’s incredible to watch a 6’4″ knuckle dragger transform into the picture of grace in motion.  Now, the course isn’t for everyone.  There’s some pretty rigorous tests at the beginning of the course to weed out the hopelessly heavy-footed, but if you can pass them…well, you’re on your way.

Admit it…you’ve watched COPS on TV, right?  You ever see a show based in CA and suddenly there’s a cop right there, like, BOOM!

Ninja training.

My Pre-Academy Training Class

My Pre-Academy Training Class.  That’s me in the middle.  I’m the guy with the balaclava.


**I hope you have picked up on this by now, but cops are a special breed of smartass.  This story, at least one similar (if not more brief), was told to a citizen when a co-worker (We’ll call him Don…uh…yeah, Don) appeared seemingly out of nowhere and scared the bejeezus out of the aforementioned citizen.  The citizen exclaimed something to the effect of “Where did you come from?!?!”  To which Don replied something to the effect of “That?  That’s just my Pre-Academy Ninja training”

The citizen said, “Really?!?”

Don was able to convince that poor gullible bastard that yes, there is in fact Ninja training before the Academy.

So, don’t feel bad if you bought into it a little too.  You’re just adorable for doing so….

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5 thoughts on “Optional Pre-Academy Training (Ninja LEO)

  1. Hey if there is no such thing as Ninja training then there should be. I’d take it just to learn how to jump through the air in slow motion while bad guy stood there waiting to be kicked not to mention the cool swords. They’re not sharp are they? My mother always told me not run with sharp objects in my hands.

  2. From what little I understand, they teach you to run safely with scissors. Then there’s the immunity to pepper spray which they carefully develop over time. I’ve been told that the secret to this has to do with eating a lot of taco truck food.

    What I really want to know about is the Tazer immunity training. Are they really able to build up an immunity to the Tazer?

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