Oklahoma Mom is OK by MC

I saw this story on just about every cop-related site yesterday and knew I had to share it with those of you who didn’t hear about it.

18-year-old mom, Sarah McKinley, was at home on New Year’s Eve with her 3-month-old son.  Six days prior, on Christmas Day, her husband died after losing a battle with cancer.  Two men, who it seems had previously staked out the residence, attempted to break into her home.

Most teenagers would scream.  Most may even hide.  Not Sarah.  She grabbed the 12-gauge, a pistol, and her phone.  She called 911 and stayed on the line with dispatch during the attempted break-in.  Watch the video below and listen to how calm Sarah was when talking with dispatch.

This young lady is legit.


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I’m gonna guess she won’t have much to worry about going forward.  Methinks crooks will be giving her a wide berth from here on out.

Great job, Sarah!

Here’s the link to LawOfficer.com for the above video.  Featured image courtesy of Flickr and Tyrkinn

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3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Mom is OK by MC

  1. While I feel important elements of the story are missing, I think what she did was brave and necessary on her part and I would have done exactly the same thing if I was in her shoes.

    Truly an inspirational story.

    Criminals prefer unarmed victims.

  2. At some point she must have thought “enough is enough.” So many tragedies for one person, and she’s still standing. She is a real hero.

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