Official KTKC T-Shirts!

Did you know we have official Kilted to Kick Cancer T-shirts?  If that’s not the case, we’ll go ahead and assume you’re not on Twitter following #KiltedtoKickCancer.  And if that is, in fact, the case, just why the hell not?  Get thee to Twitter and join in the conversation!

Our sponsors over at Magnum Boots have created beautiful blue T-shirts with the KTKC logo over the left breast and our larger, more conversation-starting logo on the back.  We’ve seen a lot of requests for the shirts in both the Twitter-verse and on Facebook, but what we haven’t seen is a lot of action.  Happy and I started KTKC specifically to raise awareness for male-specific cancers.  As we near the halfway point in our determination to remain kilted for the entire month of September, we’re seeing the success that AmboDriver and his veritable army of bloggers are having with raising money to support prostate cancer research.  We’d love to join him in seeing funds raised.

Having said that, Happy and I don’t want any of your money; however, can and will make great use of your hard-earned cash.  You can either click to their donation site specifically set up for KTKC or you can click the donation tab at the KTKC site.  A $40 donation (with proof of said donation) submitted to info(at)magnumboots(dot)com with your size (M, L, & XL avail) and your address will get you an official KTKC shirt to wear with pride (kilted or no).

Both Magnum Boots and AltKilt stepped up big time with donations of clothing and various and sundry paraphernalia.  Let’s show them that their time, effort and dedication are not in vain.  If we sell out all 50 T-shirts, we will have raised $2000 for prostate cancer research.  Every red cent raised goes to prostate cancer research!  You get to support our cause.  You get a tax write-off.  More importantly, you get a bitchin’ shirt that will be the catalyst of conversations that may end up saving a life.