Officer Tim Warren – Christian & Cop

I saw this story on and felt the need to share it with you lot as well.

Last Sunday, Ofr. Timothy Warren of the Memphis Police Department was shot in the head in a Memphis hotel and died as a result.  He left roll call early to respond to a shots fired call.  Months before his death, Tim posted the following video on YouTube regarding the possible dichotomy of being a cop and a Christian.  Tim felt danger closing in on him on that fateful day, but, like most of us, he felt he had to go to work.  Read this article to learn more about Tim’s feelings regarding his last days.

As a Christ follower myself, I can understand what Tim was saying.  I struggle with the dichotomy myself, but, like Tim, I rely on my faith to see me through.  I am a member of Peace Officers For Christ.  I know “religion” can make people uncomfortable, but I have come to realize that Christianity isn’t a religion; rather, it is a relationship.

Now, I realize a statement like that may seem at odds with itself and some of you may very well be rolling your eyes or clicking the little “X” at the top right corner of your browser in the hopes that MC will return to his usual crass wit.  Rest assured before you do either of those things that MCPD isn’t suddenly going to overtly become a platform for all things Jesus.  That being said, my faith is part of who I am and in the hopes of continuing to build a real platform and community, I feel it incumbent upon myself to be forthcoming about more aspects of my life than simply work.  And besides, my wit is a gift from God…who am I to bottle comedy gold?  Okay, okay, comedy brass…pretty sure arrogance isn’t exactly uplifting.

To at least provide a start to the answer of Tim’s quandary, I offer Romans 13.  If you’re at all curious about God’s view on authority, give it a gander.  I don’t pretend to understand God’s will in Tim’s death.  At the same time, however, I think to myself about how many people may hear about his circumstances and his faith and make their own connection with God.  Perhaps that was Tim’s purpose after all.

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  1. “but I have come to realize that Christianity isn’t a religion; rather, it is a relationship.”
    Truer words were never spoken.

    Mercy and forgiveness are not the same as leniency, and not incompatible with justice. The kind of forgiveness that provides total absolution is divine, and not ours to give. Justice is a necessary human tool (God sure doesn’t need it) and it can be applied effectively AND mercifully. Following Christ’s example is not about throwing away the rule book; it’s about applying the Golden Rule to all the others.

  2. I found out about Officer Warren’s death on a LE forum. One of the officers on the scene posted a request for prayers prior to Officer Warren’s passing. There is much sadness beyond words. Maybe by being here and on forums we can stand with LE during these difficult times.

    Some of my friends in LE have asked not to be preached to, although they are open to discussions and questions. We can at least be there for them to provide some comfort. Most of the time I am at a loss as to what to say after we lose an officer.

    There are a few other verses to go along with Romans 13, 1 Peter 2:13-17, Titus 3:1, 1 Timothy 2:1-2 and of course 1 Corinthians 13. Whether officers are of faith or don’t wish to be preached to, they do appreciate our prayers and our support. God bless you all.

  3. I don’t get it, and I watched the video 3 times. How can being a Christian and a police officer be a dichotomy or divergeant paths? Are not police officers hired because of their good character, that character mirroring that of Jesus (Mohammed or Moses) and God? God’s mercy and Jesus’ love is shown through respect and professionalism when traffic stops or arrests are made. Mercy is giving a ticket for 9 miles over the speed limit when the offender is really doing 18 miles over. Full mercy, in addition, is decided sometimes not by the officer but by the judge and or jury who decides on punishment for the serious crimes. There is no dichotomy at all. Your job is to stop people who are doing something wrong and to set them straight. It puzzles me that you as police officers think that your profession is in some conflict with your faith, because like Jesus you as officers are role models for the community. That is not a dichotomy but a singular, straight and narrow path. I am still sitting here thinking, HUH? where did this come from?

    • I think it can be seen as a dichotomy because of the secular world in which we work. All too often, it is easier to subscribe to secular values. I understand your point, though. Unfortunately, there are numerous examples in today’s culture showing poor choices (and often illegal choices) made by the men and women to whom we as a society entrust our safety. Those of us with faith are often told we are not to share that faith at the risk of “offending” someone. We are paid to protect, not proselytize…at least that’s the way it feels most of the time. I think therein lies the dichotomy.

      The other issue I think of is that we enforce the laws of man. Sometimes, it can be difficult to reconcile the two. Not to mention that we are human and struggling with our own shortcomings. I have often said that people only see the gun and the badge, not the person behind them. Perhaps we forgot our own human nature as well.

      • Wow! that’s a lot of good points in such a short post. I could write a book in response to each sentence. Watching a lot of COPS shows, I see Suz’ conclusion. It is about the Golden Rule. You dont have to bring up a Bible verse or a commandment to lecture someone about stealing. Proselytizing is a touchy subject in many workplaces. Teachers are told the same too, and we have to enforce school rules and even laws without the reference to What Would Jesus Do?

        You can offer a welcome to someone into the Christian family even at work without breaking rules. It just requires patience and feeling the prompt that it is the appropriate time to reach out to that person and wording that invitation properly. Talking about your own church and beliefs when asked may be that one time that good things may happen.

        Shortcomings??? huh? Everyone has shortcomings. Some more than others. If you had more than others, then you most probably would not be in that profession. That just makes me think of a comment that I get on occasion from some LEO’s that dont necessarily like the attention they get from me – “We are just regular people, too.” Well, why are police officers called “NY’s finest” or LA’s finest” etc if they are just regular people? You can’t be both- it is one or the other. So, if a regular person could be a police officer then where do I sign up even though I would never pass the psych test? If it is shortcomings that leave lingering doubts in you, then you worry too much. Spend more time actually working on the shortcomings and less time wondering about ’em.

  4. Laws of man… shortcomings… it just should not bother you. While driving over to another library, it just occurred that again, EVERYONE has shortcomings, those in the clergy too, and they deal with the laws of God not just man. It is not the shortcomings that define your character but how you deal with them. Everyone has impure thoughts, the Pope included. That’s being human. That you choose to repent and have the inner strength to do so is what makes you deserving of your profession. That is why we love you.

  5. When I read or hear of another officer killed on duty my first impression is always one of shock and disbelief. I feel I must be very naïve or maybe I live in a protected bubble, a state of affairs that is afforded to me by the work of people like Officer Warren and others of his ilk, but it always takes me by surprise that there are people who could do this. I am sadden by my inability to be of any help. My thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Warren, his family and his friends. I know words at such a time can be of little comfort but perhaps the thought that others are thinking of you may be of some help. I have read the linked article and I have watched and listened to the attached video and each only reinforces the other to prove to me that Officer Warren was a good man who put a lot of thought into his time spent here amongst us.

    My thoughts for what they are worth regarding any perceived contradiction between work and religious beliefs are fairly simplistic. I feel that religion is a guide to how we should strive to lead our lives and our laws are the tools we use to try and keep us pointed in the right direction. However, laws are made by man and man is flawed so don’t hope for Utopia. We do the best we can with the tools we have. It is not just Police Officers who have choices to make as most of us would have come across a conflict of ideas. If the two paths conflict then question yourself for there is nothing wrong with questioning your choices, it’s healthy, but in the end you make your decision based on what you know and believe and you choose the path you wish to travel at that time. Who knows what the future holds.

    As always MC keep safe as I have come to expect my dose of MC wit, be that golden or brass. (Most days are golden).

  6. My prayers are with Tim’s Family. I know God is in our (cops) corner. Everytime I was in a serious situation where there might be extream danger I said my prayers for God to keep us safe. I never had a problem with my job as a cop and Christian. You never know when you might be attacked so before you leave your home kiss everyone & tell them you love them, I was attacked and beat up in my own Police Station Lobby!!!! You just in God to take care of you. The law enforcement people do God’s work against Evil.
    We go out everyday and that may be our Last day, What other job can say everyday may be their last.
    Gos Bless Our Blue Blood Family

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