NYPD and Convenient Indignation

NYPDWhen two recent Grand Jury decisions were announced, the nation (seemingly) lost its collective shit. Claims of rampant and institutionalized racism were smattered all over the internet and every media outlet.

White officers were murdering black men.

Or so the media and uninformed “leaders” would have us believe.

With no eye (or patience, it seems) for evidence, criminal statutes, or NYPD policy (in the Garner case), mobs of angry people took to the streets and began to exact their versions of vengeance justice. They resorted to closing down freeways, felony vandalism, arson, assault and a variety of other criminal activities.

You know what I’m not seeing in the media with relation to the two NYPD officers killed on December 20th? Claims of racism. An Asian officer and a Hispanic officer were assassinated in broad daylight by an African American. Why is race not called into question?


But that isn’t why you won’t hear race called into question. Because, to be fair, race will be called in insofar as the coward that killed NYPD officers Liu and Ramos referenced Brown and Garner in an Instagram post. If you don’t think the media is going to play that up, you are operating in a lovely cloud of ignorance.

I’ve said the following on my Facebook (and personal) page in the last twelve hours or so:

Friends, fellow LEOs, and other First Responders. If you don’t think we are at war, you are fooling yourself.

Complacency has always tipped the scales against us. If there was any room for it before, the tiny sliver has irrevocably been torn asunder.

Stop eating in public. Stop sitting in your car, on your motor, in your ambulance, or your rig without being fully aware of your surroundings at all times.

This kind of shit is just starting. If you think this worthless killer was the first or the last, I beg you to turn in your badge immediately…because I literally don’t want to be caught dead with you.

I have grown beyond weary of seeing post after post on my personal news feed either directly from or shared by friends and acquaintances decrying violence against people who chose to break the law (and don’t buy in to the theory that Brown and Garner were law-abiding, upstanding citizens), yet they remain conspicuously silent when it comes to the wholesale murder of men and women that have chosen to leave their families in defense of others.

How do I succinctly sum up that feeling? Like this:

You know what you won’t see today and the coming weeks? Angry cops marching in the street, looting businesses and burning their own communities to the ground.

Make no mistake, however. We are most assuredly angry.

Is that what you really want? A bunch of angry, distrustful, and paranoid armed men and women in your streets? Because that is the recipe you are cooking.

You know what you will see? Patrol cars and motorcycles doing the same job two NYPD officers did right up until a coward took their lives.

With the exception of my fellow LEOs and their overt and vocal supporters, where are the voices on my news feed protesting the assassination of two innocent police officers?

Your convenient indignation disgusts me.


Thank you, Nick Mangold! #NYPD

I fully expect to see NFL and NBA athletes wearing pre-game warm-up shirts espousing their support for the NYPD. I also fully expect to be disappointed.

(It should be noted, I wrote this on Sunday morning, 12/21/14, at about 0500 hours. At 2200 hours, I saw a picture of NY Jets center, Nick Mangold wearing a NYPD ball cap during warm up and during pre-game captain’s meeting.  In addition, I have also learned the Yankees have a foundation, Silver Shield Foundation, that provides educational support for children and widows of firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty. From their own website: Our safety net covers the children and spouses of all members of the Fire Department of the City of New York; Police Department of the City of New York; Port Authority of New York/New Jersey Police Department; New York, New Jersey and Connecticut State Police; police departments of Nassau and Suffolk Counties and all police departments in Connecticut.)

Sadly, though, these things don’t make headlines, at least for not long…but when five Cleveland Browns players put their hands up (a narrative with no basis in fact, by the way), we all heard about it for days on end.

I fully expect to see Sharpton, Jackson, AG Holder, and the President of the United States to do more than pay lip service to the memory of NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos. Again, I fully expect to be disappointed. When the narrative doesn’t support one’s perceptions, that narrative gets summarily ignored.

When your indignation is convenient, it is also a waste of my time.

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4 thoughts on “NYPD and Convenient Indignation

  1. While I agree with most of what you said, I don’t expect much of anything from Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, or Obama.

    Sharpton is already crying that he is receiving threats that he is turning over to the FBI. Jackson I have not personally heard from yet. “Our” President is on vacation in Hawaii and already released a statement that was probably written by some staffer. He won’t be rushing to the microphone like he did minutes after the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, and Holder is just worthless. He is the one who should be doing HIS part from a federal level as further threats of violence against police pop up on Social Media. That’s his jurisdiction.

  2. Make no mistake, the media has now defined “blue” a race. Anything happens to LEOs from here on out will ignore the race of the LEO, unless, of course, the LEO is considered the villain.


    “When the nar­ra­tive doesn’t sup­port one’s per­cep­tions, that nar­ra­tive gets sum­mar­ily ignored.”

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