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I was contacted earlier this month by the fine folks at NRA – Life of Duty video network.  I have been remiss in getting this post up…having a 38 week preggers Wife and busting my hump on Kilted to Kick Cancer has taken the lion’s share of my attention the past couple of weeks (not to mention getting injured).

LOD has a unique vehicle in which they honor our military both here and the world over.  If that weren’t enough, LOD is reaching out to law enforcement and first responders to increase content relating to those arenas.  I perused their site and was wholly impressed with the military content available there.  As a college boy who has always had a small regret that I never had an opportunity to serve my country in that capacity, I was honored to be invited to be a part of the same network that Lt. Colonel Oliver North calls home.

Seriously.  Ollie.  Bad.Ass.

LOD is always looking for stories for the network and the for the American Warrior digital magazine – specifically pertaining to law enforcement and first responders.  If any of you have any stories highlighting some cool law enforcement or military experiences, be sure to visit the site and let them know.  Also stop by the Patriot Profiles section to get a peek at the kinds of people who are serving and protecting in a number of different ways.  For my medic friends, check out SWAT Docs under the Patriot Profiles section….truly amazing.

Be sure to check out all the different content they have to offer.  I know a number of my readers are either current or former military.  Frankly, I have failed in thanking the lot of you often enough.  Thank you for your service, the sacrifice of your families, and the courage and honor with which you serve.  God bless you.

Thanks, LOD, for reaching out.  I look forward to sending folks your way and keeping up on your inspiring content!

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