Now THAT is some funny shit…no, seriously.

Again, as part of the BlogRocket community, we’re sharing some old posts that we consider a “favorite”. I chose this one because it’s pretty much the antithesis of my other choice. Yes, this actually happened.

Allow me to cut to the chase on this one…

I pulled a kid over for failing to yield to some other kids in the crosswalk. He also chirped his tires and had two 17 year old passengers in his car, a violation of his provisional license.

As I have been known to do, I turned his driver’s license over and had him read the provisions of his license to me. He got about halfway through the first provision when all of a sudden SPLAT. A bird took a major crap right on my ticketbook. I’m talking apocalyptic. Fortunately for me, the kids registration was covering my ticketbook. Awesome. It played out something like this…

Kid: (reading provisions on back of his driver’s license)
Me: Motherfucker (There really wasn’t any other word to appropriately describe what had occurred). Dude, a bird just crapped on your registration.
Rear passenger: You’ve got lousy luck, bro.

Then, I started laughing. Kid laughed, too, so I cut him some slack and didn’t cite him for the provision violation. I did have to change the uniform shirt due to collateral damage, but all in all, pretty damn funny. I figured it was bad karma to cite the kid for both violations what with the bird shitting on his paperwork and all.

Told you that shit was funny…

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5 thoughts on “Now THAT is some funny shit…no, seriously.

  1. haha, apocalyptic. It might have been funny just to give it back to him without saying anything. Maybe only if he was being a punk.

  2. wow, I wish the birds had my back like that last time I got pulled over! 😀

    Kidding. I got a ticket and I deserved it.

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