Now THAT is some funny shit…no, seriously.

Allow me to cut to the chase on this one…

I pulled a kid over for failing to yield to some other kids in the crosswalk. He also chirped his tires and had two 17 year old passengers in his car, a violation of his provisional license.

As I have been known to do, I turned his driver’s license over and had him read the provisions of his license to me. He got about halfway through the first provision when all of a sudden SPLAT. A bird took a major crap right on my ticketbook. I’m talking apocalyptic. Fortunately for me, the kids registration was covering my ticketbook. Awesome. It played out something like this…

Kid: (reading provisions on back of his driver’s license)
Me: Motherfucker (There really wasn’t any other word to appropriately describe what had occurred). Dude, a bird just crapped on your registration.
Rear passenger: You’ve got lousy luck, bro.

Then, I started laughing. Kid laughed, too, so I cut him some slack and didn’t cite him for the provision violation. I did have to change the uniform shirt due to collateral damage, but all in all, pretty damn funny. I figured it was bad karma to cite the kid for both violations what with the bird shitting on his paperwork and all.

Told you that shit was funny…

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3 thoughts on “Now THAT is some funny shit…no, seriously.

  1. Somewhere in D tonight, there is a 17 year old blogging about the cop who pulled him over and the laugh they had over birdshit. 🙂

  2. hahah!! shit was funny!! I have a story for you that my dad told me… I'll keep it short.. he went to a bar (Florida region), no one was setting at the bar… he look around and see that people are looking at him; He look around wonder why? he looks down and he see a shit load of bird shit, right as he look up (forward) a bird shit right on his bald head in front of everyone! birds right!?!?! that make some great short stories!!!

    oh and as you can tell, I'm digging your blog!! question: you in San Diego? maybe you'll pull me over one day cause I see a lot of motorcycle cops on my way to work – lucky for me you guys hook it up by always chilling in the same spot; but I still see you guys pulling a shit load of people over – people are fucking stupid and you guys make a mockery out of it!! love it!!!

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